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Alright, I’ve been trying to write this since we got home. Not certain if I haven’t been successful because I didn’t want the trip to end or if I’ve been too busy playing catch-up! Let’s just assume it was the first reason. 

WOW! WHAT A TRIP!!! I can’t say it enough…what a trip. The timing couldn’t have been better. The beauty and scenery, surpassed description and all expectations.  And the physical challenge was more than gratifying!

Best I can tell, everyone was pleased with the trip and the way it ran (well, with the exception of me being so bossy!).  Some of your comments/highlights follow… it was a group consensus that the Million Dollar Hwy, Hwy 92E from Delta to US50 and the canyon ride along the Arkansas River were the definite favorites. As cheesy as it was, everyone seemed to enjoy the Midway Point (Adrian) on Route 66!  Biggest accomplishment of the trip, hands down, was Pike’s Peak.  Best food…it was a mixed review – breakfast stops in Durango and Gunnison, Tuneup Cafe and the Cowboy Cafe.  We celebrated several birthdays and I thought that was pretty neat…especially mine. Again, much thanks. 

We learned what a green cross means, how to check the oil in a trike (FYI, it requires several people) and that your room key won’t open what you thought was the stairwell but was actually someone else’s room. That was a good thing. 

Although we all ended with different mileage totals, we’re going to count it “officially” as 3,020 miles and 5 states. 

I hate that we didn’t have time for the Royal Gorge or more of Roswell. Guess that just means another trip! 😁 There’s still lots to see. 

Let’s start talking about next year!

                      THE END ‼️


Not going to be a blog tonight. We are entirely too busy swapping tales. And inspecting Pam and Dale’s new purchase! Promise to post tomorrow night.  


Suffice it to say that this has been, yet another, good day. Morning started with the motel breakfast, birthday wishes and beautiful weather!

KSU at 7:00 headed to Canon City along US50. Awesome ride even if we did have to add and take off clothes more than once. 

Once we were headed south the terrain started changing too. It was really almost boring some of the group. I heard rumors that a couple passengers may have even slept through part of the ride!

Our plan was to ride into Santa Fe for a late lunch. All was going well until the rain caught us. Only 5 miles from lunch and the bottom fell out.  Do you stop and try to find a place to suit up? Or do you hunker down and drive on?  Today we chose the latter. 

We all kind of sloshed our way into our lunch spot, Tune Up Cafe. Still, it didn’t seem to dampen any spirits, just added another chapter in the memory book!

Deliciously fueled, we set out for our next stop. Remember the movie, Wild Hogs? Yep. We are headed to Maggie’s Diner!

Of course there was a little excitement in Madrid and we were not the cause. Seems a concrete truck had crashed the day before and they were still cleaning up the mess. In order to continue south on the Turquoise Trail, we had to traverse a privately owned dirt road. This was the point the group went separate directions. Several took the detour and the rest re-routed. All of us arrived safely at the Moriarity motel, almost at the same time – but with slightly different stories. What a fun day!


Our day started out pretty dreary. It had rained during the night and we wiped the bikes down 2-3 times before the drizzle finally stopped. Add to that the cooler temps and we all left the motel pretty unrecognizable with all our foul weather gear on!  

Had to make a “hearty” breakfast stop at the W Cafe. Quick service and delicious food set us on the road to accomplishment today!

I got my roads a little turned around this morning. Can’t imagine that!  For some reason I thought the Salida fuel stop came before Monarch Pass. Not! This could have been a crucial error since we all ate a big breakfast! Thank goodness there were facilities at the top of the summit. 

Not much else (except more beautiful scenery) until we got to Pikes Peak. 

This 38 mile round trip was intimidating to most of us. 14,000+ feet elevation is nothing to sneeze at (especially if you can’t get your breath). But we all hunkered down for the challenge. After we all received numerous tips and hints about how to tackle THE PEAK, all 20 of us set off for the summit. Slow and steady proved to be the best advice. We stopped once on the way up to layer on some more clothes since the temp at the summit was 32• and with the wind chill, 16• 

Once at the top, with no air to breathe, our outlaw biker gang was moving a bit trepidatiously (I had to look that one up). More group photos and meandering slowly around the top. Some even shopped a bit. We knew the descent was going to complete our mission so there was no point procrastinating!  The clouds were moving in and moisture was beginning to fall. There was some discussion about it being sleet or snow…I just know I didn’t want to stick around for the debate. Once we gathered at the bottom of the hill, there were several whoops and hollers as we celebrated our success!

On a somewhat similar note… although all of us conquered the PEAK today, it looks as though the summit conquered one of our own….

Colorado Springs is our turnaround point so our return trip commences tomorrow. KSU comes early!


Personally, I gauge the success of a group ride by a few things.  First, how well the group gets along. Based on what I’m experiencing – this has not been a problem. We aren’t all morning people but most of us can be chided into a smile or two.  Second, that the group is aware and respects everyone’s different riding style and ability.  Again, as a group, I am witnessing more than just tolerance. Patience and assistance come to mind!  Third, the “subject matter” of the ride. This would include routes, roads, scenery, accommodations and attractions. While it may be too early for the group to make a call on this, I’m going to call it! Of course, by the time we get back to Texarkana, they may change their opinion of me!!!

Today was a short mileage day..but lots of saddle time. And they couldn’t have been any better!!

This morning several of us ventured back to town for breakfast.  I had been there before and just hoped they liked it as well as I did. 

I think this was a success too. 

So after breakfast (some were jealous) it was kickstands up and we were on our way down the Million Dollar Highway headed to Silverton. This was just our first leg today and already we were wondering how it could get any better! BUT IT DID! Over and over.  

Next we were off to Ouray, more fantastic riding and unbelievable fall colors. Our stop there allowed us to enjoy lunch on Main St on the patio..people and vehicle watching. A tiny bit of shopping and we were off again. 

A fuel stop in Montrose before we hit CO92 (West End Loop scenic byway). One small mechanical issue. The crew took a look – I’m going to let you caption the photo yourself. Anyway, we think it’s fixed but will check with Harley shop in Colorado Springs tomorrow. 

From there we made our way onto CO92. OMG!!! Yellows, oranges, reds. We could not have timed this trip any better (have I already said that?). 

We have landed in Gunnison for the night and everyone is already sharing photos and stories!



A few things come to mind – the word formidable, rock formations, Four Corners Monument, Long slow sweepers and Durango H-D. All were experienced today!

Our morning started with a little more sunlight but a lot less heat! It was about 46• when our kickstands went up at 7:30.  Saw lots of neat things including the Rio Grande River gorge, all the earth homes, deer, turkey, free range cattle, antelope and all the beautiful scenery in between. 

By the time we made it to Farmington, the temps had climbed to 90•. And my first mistake of the trip…4 Corners HD was closed today. Don’t think the crew will let me live that one down.  Also one mechanical failure. That was repaired at Durango under warranty so she’s good for the rest of the trip!

That brings us to our hotel! How cool…studio rooms overlooking the narrow gauge rail. Beautiful view. 

Day would not be complete without a healthy supper… This is how outlaw bikers roll!

No… we do not have the munchies!


Another on time departure. And according to our Holly-mile-o-meter, we covered about 415 miles today.  Woohoo!!!

It was a chest-thumping, ear-to-ear grinning, picture-taking tourist, outlaw biker gang kind of day. 

Our first roadside attraction was the infamous Cadillac Ranch. And we’re still trying to remember the story behind it all…

Our next attraction was only 45 miles down the road but it was special enough to capture us for longer than I was expecting.  Of course that could be blamed on the pie or the gift shop.  Either way, we all had fun. 

And then we met Fran. She was the inspiration for Flo in the movie “Cars” and the original owner of the V8 Cafe (also in the movie). Really nice lady and fun to talk with. 

Ok, on down the road to Tucumcari for fuel and lunch before we started heading north to Taos. 

It’s been a great trip but I think everyone started getting a real feel for it when we left I40.  A definite change in the topography and scenery overall. Rolling hills and mesas until we got to Las Vegas then it changed elevation and got lots curvier. But the best is still to come!

So we are bedded down in Taos for the night. Sleeping in tomorrow…kick stands up at 7:30. 


Got some stuff to share with y’all…only if this is working though!

We all had to get up before breakfast this morning. Twenty of us are headed to Colorado for some beautiful riding!  As you can see, it was still a little dark when Kevin blessed our bikes, the trip, the weather, our luggage and our souls. Thanks so much for starting us off on the right foot Kevin! And thanks for the personal sendoff from Dan and Jerry. 

The weather decided to cooperate this a.m. No rain and a comfortable 75•. Pulled out of the dealership on time and we were off!  Watching the sun rise in our rear view mirrors, the whole group seemed excited. 

Down I30 to 82W. We had three more to pick up in Dekalb. We never stopped – just slowed enough where they could fall right in behind us. We’re good like that!

First fuel/rest stop was Sherman and things were running smoothly. Aside from coming through some pretty thick fog beginning at Reno and lingering til Bonham, the sun was out and things were warming up!

Timing is everything, as you all know. And had we been 10 minutes earlier we could have been featured in the homecoming parade in Henrietta, TX (I just know it). As it was, we were routed through the detour. Darn. 

At Wichita Falls, US287 was the chosen route. Even managed to get through there without much trouble. 

Lunch came early, but then we left early. Rafter J BBQ in Iowa Park is certainly worthy of a stop.  This was less than 10 miles from WF so some of the group decided to backtrack and hit the Harley shop. They didn’t bring too many bags after their shopping trip though. Anyway, we all were reunited at our motel for the night. 

I am happy to report that everyone is still on speaking terms and having a good time. We’re leaving at 7 again so I’m leaving you now. 


Well, we had to start the trip one short. Sue has had the bug the last couple days and didn’t feel it would be too smart to get that far away from home – and commandeering a bike to boot! Gonna miss the Hill Country expert.

To begin with, I must say it was a “smidge” cooler than we were expecting this morning.

All 3 of us left our heavy jackets behind.  😱  Once the cloud cover disappeared, the sun warmed to a balmy 62•. Of course that didn’t happen til after noon. And it still didn’t calm the blustery winds.

Lunch stop in Buffalo and we’re off again. Yes, the flowers are blooming. Not really abundant (tomorrow should be the big day) but still pretty. Thank you Lady Bird!   …<insert teaser pics>


We weren’t too much further (approx. 120 miles) til the crossroads in Elgin loomed. Lo and behold, just across the highway was the oldest BBQ joint/meat market/sausage factory in the state. Can’t pass that up! Some stuff to go and a couple samples while we were there. Delicious!! Easy to see why they’ve been in business so long.

Next stop is Fredericksburg and our abode for a couple nights.

It was a short hike to Main St for appetizers, liquid refreshments etc.  Silver Creek Beer Garden & Grille enjoyed our company and we enjoyed their fare…chili, fried Brie in a creamy shrimp and tomato sauce, chili cheese fries and creme brûlée! Yum! Yum! Oh yeah, how about that pineapple jalapeño margarita! Now to hike back to our room and work some of this off!


Well it’s been so long since I blogged, I wanted to make certain I could still do it!  This is for you, Diane, Dot and Jeanne.

We’re heading out Saturday morning for destinations in south Texas…mainly the hill country and on down to Big Bend. Hope it’s as beautiful right now as we’ve been seeing. You can count on some pretty pictures if it is!

Be talking to y’all on down the road.