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So long to the piney woods of east Texas – at least for a couple of weeks. Hello to mesquite, cedar, scrub, and (so Mary doesn’t feel slighted) a cornfield or two.

We left Texarkana a little before 7:30 this morning and dodged rain all the way past Paris. Yes, we stopped at the first Harley shop we passed but it was a legitimate stop.

Since we were making pretty decent time, we decided to run by the Harley shop in Wichita Falls. Following the directions from our gps got us – well not really lost – just detoured… a few times! Not sure who Garmin uses to help them with directions… but THEY need some help. And bicycles, bicycles everywhere. Well, not everywhere but strapped onto every 4th or 5th vehicle. And not one bike but 2 or 3. Finally realized that Wichita Falls was hosting the ‘HOTTER THAN HELL 100′ bicycle race. Now those people are seriously deranged.

We ended our day in Childress, TX at 4:30 and about 400 miles later. It was time to shut ’em down. The temperature was climbing, the crosswinds were killer and, well, we’re old and it was time to put the bones to bed!

Tomorrow will be another early day. Heading to Amarillo then west. Will talk more later.



  1. Sounds like a fun day but having been there, done that in an air conditioned car, I’m rather glad it’s you and not me on this ride especially in the August heat! Watch out for the rattle snakes and the road runners in the next day or so. That should give Mair something to think about.

  2. Hey Becky — I’m keeping up with you’ll on your blog. Tell everyone hello and you’ll be careful.

  3. Don’t know if you are getting my comments or not, so you might let me know. Slept really good last nite. Gonna get ready for my Garage Sales with Nin this a.m.
    TTYL….Love ya!!! and BE SAFE!!
    P.S. Hello to all! Mom

  4. Go Melba!! You are up bright and early……looking for those dishes for us? Thanks!!

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