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The sunrise was blinding in our rearview mirrors as we started to slice through the canyons of the Texas panhandle.  Cap Rock canyon and Palo Duro canyon seemed a bit out of place.  Rolling along the plains and, all of a sudden, “a big ditch”!  Turkeys, road runners and cactus!

By 8a.m. we had already stopped so that Mary and I could put on jackets.  It was a bit chilly this morning…  but beautiful!  Don’t know how many of you know that the purple, bulby looking thing on cactus plants is edible.  I heard Phil when he said that much.  What I didn’t hear was something about roasting them or boiling them or something to remove all the little prickly hairs!  They felt pretty soft… I figured it was safe.  Needless to say, I spent the next 20-30 minutes removing a handful of those suckers.  OUCH.

We made it to Amarillo in time to have lunch at the Big Texan.  Talked with several other riders there.  Then on to Tripp’s Harley Davidson.   From there it was on to Stanley Marsh’s Cadillac Ranch.  Now that is something to see.  I know there is a story  behind it…  but I have filed it somewhere “”unable to retrieve data”.  So much graffiti that there is no threat of them rusting away!

It took us a day and a half to get out of  Texas.  But sometime this afternoon we crossed into New Mexico.  And the weather heated up really quick.  A short detour (and I do mean detour) throug the streets of Tucumcari.  That’s a whole other story about cattle guards, electric fences, etc.  We ended up in Santa Rosa for the night.  Got off the road, unloaded the bikes and parked them under the awning as the rain started.  Perfect timing!

I think Mary and Julie, both, have been snoozing on the backs of the bikes.  That’s ok, I think Phil can take the prize for “earliest to bed”.  We are having a blast.


5 Responses to “DAY 2”


  2. Hey friends, sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Wish we were riding with you. You guys be careful out there and keep the updates coming. We are enjoying reading the blog.

    Ride Safe,
    Danny and Nancy

  3. Amen to Mom’s comment! You should write a book titled “Old Broads on a Bike” or “Old Broads on a Harley” (and get them to publish it for you!). Your blogs bring back memories and your site descriptions and experiences are interesting and fun to read. We have been to Tucumcari and have stayed in Santa Rosa and complained for years about the time and distance between El Paso and Tyler, Texas. I know that’s not your route but Texas is BIG any way you slice it.
    Happy traveling and hugs from D and B

  4. Sure sounds like a good trip so far—the blog is great reading and I can almost feel the wind in my hair!! You have a great time and watch out for those roadrunners–a coyote might be chasing him!! and I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi guys! glad you are safe. everything is fine here. received new phone on friday. having a BIG problem figuring it out. i will figure it out sooner or later (more likely later). I’m keeping up with you on the blog. Have a good time!

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