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What a GLORIOUS day!  I have truly been blessed.  And today I rode miles and miles of the “ribbon” that God wrapped my presents with!

It was a chilly morning in Espanola, NM.  And when I programmed the gps for our first stop – Pagosa Springs, CO –  the temperature said 37degrees.  Just so you all know, I did not make an error in dressing for this morning.  We all layered with t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.  Oh yeah, even dug out the gloves.  And we were not hot at all!  By the time we got to Durango, though, we were peeling off layers!

And who would have known that we had to come this far to have some really great “SERIOUS TEXAS BBQ”.  Seriously, that was the name of the place…  and it was good!  We ate on the patio overlooking the river.  I swear since we left Texas, folks don’t seem to understand the concept of air conditioning or frozen margaritas!  So any time we have a choice, we are usually dining outside.  As far as the frozen margaritas –  well, Mary and Julie just had to put on their big girl panties and drink ’em on the rocks.

Leaving Durango we headed north on 550 to Silverton and on to Ouray.  Now I know a lot of you are familiar with the Tail of the Dragon in the Smokies.  And you can use that as a basis for comparison.  This ride was not for the feint of heart.  On the BUTT PUCKER meter it had to be a 10+… the Dragon being a 7 or 8.  I know there was beautiful scenery because Mary got lots of pics.  But I didn’t dare take my eyes off of the road.  10 and 15 mph curves, no guard rails, no shoulders, and sheer drops of 30 feet or more!  Yep, I promise it will make you draw up and your knuckles turn white.  What a ride!!!  This is also when I wish I had the knack for writing like my riding buddy,  Robert.  If he was here to describe what we rode through today – well, you would be awestruck (as we were).

We have bedded down in Ouray for the night.  Julie and I are doing laundry and then  to sleep.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!!


5 Responses to “BUTT PUCKER”

  1. I’m enjoying this blog – next best thing to being there without the back pain! Hey, do ya’ll think Trikes count as real motorcycles, or do real bikers just pshaw them? I’ve been kinda thinking about getting one and have been terrified of motorcycles for YEARS – there’s a reason, was in a car with a girl that hit a guy on a motorcycle in my youth. The outcome was not pretty. Thank God he had on a helmet, but he still “ain’t right” as they say. Keep the comments coming -I’m seeing it all thru your “eyes”…..

  2. Your blog is great and I am so glad you are doing it. It takes my breath away just reading about the trip today. You were right when you said I would have been down in the floor board of the truck (wouldn’t even care if dad did laugh) Hope for another eventful day today with lots of things to see and do. Take lots of pics. In 10 yrs. you will say “Did I really do that”?

    Be safe…..Mom

  3. I guess y’all ARE in another time zone and I went to bed too early last night so I missed the blog until this morning. I would have been down on the floor board of the truck with your mom!! I don’t even like those curves, hills and drop offs in a car but it sounds as if you are having a great time and loving every mile of the trip. There’s nothing wrong with your writing ability or your ability to describe what’s going on along the trail. I still think you should write a book!! We have your room reserved so you can bring the slide show to us and give us all of the details.

  4. I’m enjoying your read, Beckers. You’re do’in a pret near fair job for a poor Arky girl! Jus keep ur peepers on the asphalt and let Mary take in the vistas so you’ll get that puckerd butt back home to us in one piece! Joyce and I do miss riding with you. Perhaps when we retire…..

  5. Yep, been up that road! Now imagine it with ice on the road and the wind blowing like a hurricane is moving in. Totally understand the butt pucker!

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