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We left Vernal, UT bright and early this morning – heading north on hwy 191.  The highway was speckled with odd road signs… “SQUID FOSSILS FOUND HERE”, “PETRIFIED SAND DUNES”, “DEPOSITED BY ANCIENT SEA”,  “ALLIGATOR TEETH FOUND HERE” and so on.  Not exactly what we were used to seeing.  But then again we were only a few miles from the Dinosaur National Monument.  At least they didn’t say “MOTORCYCLES USE EXTREME CAUTION”.  We haven’t seen any of these since we left the “pucker” ride.

Not knowing that we would be driving through any memorable scenery,  Mary had packed her camera in the saddlebag.  Sometimes it’s not very easy finding a decent place to pull over – especially on these mountain roads.   But I spotted one!  A nice, newly paved, big long pullout on the opposite side of the road.  I wheeled us over and got off the bike to retrieve the camera.  Only to find, when I was walking to the back of the bike, REALLY LARGE SIGNS that read… RUNAWAY TRUCK RAMP.  It didn’t take us long to load back up!

We hadn’t planned on going through the Flaming Gorge National Park but that’s where the road led us.  Not at all what I was expecting.  Picture pretty barren land for several miles.  Then we topped the mountain and there in front of us was a huge, clear, beautiful lake.  It was formed by damming up one end of this gorge.  I’ve got to wonder if it was always in the plan to run the highway over the dam.  It just seemed like an afterthought.  But the drive was great all the way into Rock Springs, WY.  Lot’s of deer, elk, and moose crossing signs.  Also open range cattle and horses.  We had to stay on our toes.

Still on hwy 191, the ride was pretty uneventful all the way to Boulder, WY.  Business picked up again there.  We followed the Green River, Hoback River and then the Snake River all the way into Alpine Junction.

Tonight Mary finally got a good steak, I got a cold beer and the bartender actually fixed frozen margaritas!  The Flying Saddle Resort comes with very high marks.  We would stay here again.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Got my early morning laugh from the runaway truck ramp episode!! I’ll bet you weren’t laughing at the moment you discovered “the little hidden signs” though! Watch out for the big critters in the highway and have another great day on two wheels.

  2. I am enjoying the blog. Just wanted to make sure you got the video I sent of your children. I sent the video to Mair’s email. They are having fun, but not as much fun as the two of you are having. Be safe and we will see you when you get home.

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