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I’ll say it again.. we stayed in the neatest motel last night.  I’d ride back up here just to stay there.  Well, I’d probably ride back up here and not stay there either!!

It was pretty chilly when we left this morning.  We headed for Jackson Hole but decided to take the scenic route.  Leaving Alpine Junction on 26 took us into Idaho where we caught the Teton Scenic Byway (ID 31) to Victor, ID.  Then we took 33/22 back into Wyoming and across the Grand Teton Pass.  This was a pretty serious pass and we can discuss the “pucker factor” on this one.  Lot’s of 20mph curves and switchbacks, but the grade was the killer.  I saw waaaay too many “Runaway truck ramps”.  I’m going to give it a “PF” rating of about 7.5 to 8.

We stopped at the Harley shop in Jackson Hole.  It was one of those without a service department…  but they had t-shirts.  Julie wasn’t very impressed with Jackson Hole.   And, by the way, the bread is no longer with us.  When we were packing the bikes to leave Vernal – I think Phil locked it in the room intentionally.  But I’m certain it was almost to the crouton stage anyway.

We rode through the Grand Teton National Park on hwy 191 out of Jackson.  It was such a pretty ride.  It was like riding through a meadow between two mountain ranges following the Snake River.  The really huge peaks to the west and smaller to the east.  And the river bank was not rocky…  just grassy.  But the river bed was rocky.  Kind of interesting.

We were out of one park and into Yellowstone National Park before we knew it.  It would have been nice if they had told us at the entrance that due to major road construction… there was a 10 mile stretch of unpaved road.  Another one of those signs – “Motorcycles use extreme caution”.  By this time there was no other way around it.  We could have backtracked but that would have been a waste of time.  Here we go.  Gravel, sandy dirt, packed dirt, etc.  ……  it was not the highlight of the day.  Really took a toll on Mary.  We did make it through and stopped at Old Faithful.  True to it’s reputation, we were not disappointed.  Not sure how many pics I took…  how many can you look at of a geyser?

Lots of livestock today.  Deer, buffalo (excuse me, BISON) but I never saw any bears.  Thank goodness!  Lot’s of folks fly fishing along the Snake River.  That’s something I have always wished I could do.  It just looks so graceful. 

By this time our mission was to get through the park and find a place to stay the night.  Not a lot of miles today but a lot of time in the saddle.  Just as tiring – or maybe more so.  I love a nice, slow, winding kinda ride but at 35-45 mph you just don’t cover a lot of ground.

So we have bedded down at the Brandin’ Iron Inn in West Yellowstone, MT.  Tomorrow promises to be lots more miles!  And did I tell you how many times we have crossed the Continental Divide?  I wish I had been keeping count.


3 Responses to “WY, ID, WY, MT”

  1. Glad I was not with you on this day. Please be careful and have FUN

  2. Hey Girls, sounds like a day of wonderful scenery but you couldn’t pack enough clean drawers for me had I been there on those high “PF” rides. I can’t wait to hear Mary’s version of those curves, bluffs, drop offs, tricky roads, etc. The trust factor must be extremely high or she would have bailed already!! That or she’s just plain nuts! Looking forward to the next report so have fun and ride safely.

  3. Beckers – I hear you talking about those switchbacks and tighties but I’ll bet the grin is from ear-to-ear! Then again, that could be just clenched teeth! Even with the ten miles of bad road, from your description, this is one of those wouldn’t-have-missed-it-for-the-world type of trips. Sounds like you’re really enjoying Disneyland. Thank you so very,very much for taking the time to write these reports. I don’t know that I’d like all the stopping to put on and take off clothes, but I guess that’s a part of the ride and it does give the butt a break and the legs a stretch. Say “Hey” to everyone for Joy & me.

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