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Just so you all know… and no one gets worried…  we are settled into the Blue and White Motel (and that’s a whole other story, complete with pics) in Kalispell, Montana.  This is on the west edge of Glaceier National Park.  We rode a long day hampered by winds and rain.  Almost didn’t find a motel room.  What a day!  Anyway, this is about all you’re going to get today.  I’ll have to catch you up tomorrow.


4 Responses to “KALISPELL, MT”

  1. Thanks for letting us know that you are alive and kicking, even if not you are not kicking very high at the moment! Hopefully the world will look better after a good night’s sleep. Holiday weekends are tough on locating motel rooms without reservations We actually ended up driving all night once on a July 4th weekend. We will look forward to hearing about the good part of your day because I bet you are seeing some awesome scenery Take care and ride safely.

  2. Okay, I just got up and haven’t finished my coffee yet so my comment is screwed up and I left out a period and accidentally hit the submit key as I started to read what I had written. At least you know we care about what’s happening and we are checking on you guys!!

  3. Hey Bec & Mair
    Thanks for the updates…I’m so happy for you two having so much fun.

  4. Aha! I just now checked face book and saw the pictures!! You really are in all of those places you have been writing about…and here I thought you were sitting home just making it all up!

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