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Once again, Glacier National Park was not in our original travel plans.  After talking with folks about where we were headed, too many of you told us to be sure and make it to Glacier.  And all of you that told us that were not wrong… at all.  Road to the Sun Highway!  The drive was awesome!  The scenery was incredible!  The only complaint we had was the construction at the top of the pass.  Surely there is a better way to do road work besides digging up  both lanes and alternating traffic at 8,000+ feet on unpaved road!  I didn’t hardly get to look away from the road.  Thank goodness Mary was busy shooting pictures – when she didn’t have her eyes closed!  As a reminder, I am posting pics on my facebook page.

Once we got through the park, we headed north, to Canada.  This was another leg of the trip that was more an afterthought than a plan.  But we were just so close to the border that it would have been a shame NOT to stick our feet across the line.   Crossing into Alberta, we traveled a bit further north to Cardston for lunch at the Remington Carriage Museum.

Then it was across the bottom of Canada on Canadian Scenic 501.  There really wasn’t much that was very scenic, but the wind was starting to pick up.  By the time we crossed the border back into the States I was asking the Border Patrol guys if that was the norm.  “Oh yeah, all the time.”  Sorry, I just can’t imagine!  We trudged south… heading for Great Falls.  Wind was so bad that we will probably have to replace tires just because of the wear on one side (you know, from leaning into the wind!).  At one point I was able to see the wind speed on my gps …  37 mph.  I just don’t know if that the was top end or not!

We had to pull over a couple of times before we finally made it to Great Falls.  We treated ourselves to the Holiday Inn.  And were actually up and packed on the bikes earlier than normal.  Quick stops at Sam’s Club and Burger King and we were on the road again.  I had to give my traveling buddies a little reality check over coffee this morning.  Since we were close to 2,000 miles away from home and Phil has to be back to work a week from today, I kinda laid out the game plan.  Not that anyone wanted to hear it!  But we did all acknowledge it.

Today found us traveling with less wind but definately more cold and more rain.  We just about froze our arses off!  I think this may have been the first time during our trip that we were really uncomfortable.  But it only lasted a few hours as we were moving on down the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Saw lots of mule deer, antelope, and white tail deer.  Phil and Julie saw a couple of different herds of  buffalo.  Oh yeah, and Canadian honkers… some kind of  geese.

We have ended our day at Miles City, Montana.  Pizza delivered to the room.  More laundry.  Turning in early – again.  We should be in the Dakotas tomorrow.


3 Responses to “GLACIER AND BEYOND…”

  1. Wow! What a ride! Thanks for catching us up and keeping us posted on your whereabouts. You have seen some stuff the last few days that we haven’t so look forward to the pictures. Now you have to find Wall Drug on your trek back toward home. Hey, I know where there is a pretty good “motel” in Iowa if you get this far East before heading South.

  2. Hi Becky,Mary,Julie, and Phil — I’m still keeping up with you’ll everyday. While you’ll was riding in the cold today. Pam and I was riding in some good old warm weather. Be careful.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am exhausted. My butt hurts, my legs are tired, my arms are tired, BUT I have had a great trip on my virtual motorcyle ride with you. Oh and my back is a little sore too. I think I will have to go to bed early tonight to get ready for tomorrow’s ride. Thanks for taking me along on your trip

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