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Let’s just say that when Mary opened the door to our room – she stepped back out and asked Julianne if her room looked “strange”.   Now I’m not exactly sure how many rooms were at this motel, or if they were all decorated with such flair and originality! 

Mary had backed out of our room because she thought they had given us the wrong key…  she thought they had given us some kids room.  And when I walked in I could understand why she would think that.  It was decorated (and I mean ALL OVER) with classroom kind of stuff and little teacher things.  A globe, old text books, AaBbCc pictures everywhere!  There were two desks in the room and you could hardly get your stuff on the desk for all the “chachies”.  We were going to have to be very careful packing or we would overlook something amongst the decorations.

Now Julie and Phil had a golf motif!  They even had golf clubs in their closet!  They told me they had nails/screw on the toilet seat… I figured they were golf tees!  Upon further inspection, I found that they were nails and screws set in one of those clear resin seats!  Now that was really interesting.

But hold on and I’ll tell you about our continental breakfast!  This consisted of a pot of coffee, a couple of boxes of sweet rolls and a bunch of bananas.  Of course given the shortage of rooms we were ecstatic about our accommadations and the amenities!  We picked up our complimentary breakfast and proceded to the only place that we had seen to sit down and eat.  This was a picnic table in the middle of the parking lot, behind the office, complete with a bbq grill, a portable gazebo (that the cover was barely hanging on), an old discarded aquarium, a couple of trash cans and a pot of flowers!  We were in diners heaven!!! 

After breakfast, and suiting up, we headed to Glacier National Park.  This has got to be the most beautiful park we have seen so far!



  1. Gosh, sounds like you guys had the room they had reserved for us! We actually had a room in our California house that we dubbed the “school room” because it held most of the knick knacks relating to schools and “teacher stuff” that folks had been giving us for years. Not sure what we will do with that stuff in this house. Oh, Yes I do….just wait until your next Iowa visit!!

    Enjoying your daily blogging and feel as if I am making the trip with you guys without ever leaving my recliner!

  2. Bon says we are getting to make this trip without any “pucker factor”!!

  3. Everything sounds like a wonderful journey. Even the challenges. I know this is what you LIVE for!! Today is Bradley’s birthday! We had a fun lunch yesterday for he and Mason (his was the 2nd) and mom came too! Everything is holding together here. Miss and love you all…..Mindy

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