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If yesterday was long, then today was even longer.  We are in Great Falls, MT.  I’m telling you this early on in case I fall asleep before this is finished.

About yeserday…  we left West Yellowstone on a very crisp morning.  Our route to Kalispell was riddled with challenges.  Two different roads we were supposed to ride had been closed OR were in the middle of extensive repairs.  The first part of our day was beautiful.  We rode hwy 287 that was 2 lane, little traffic, and long, sweeping curves.  It took us around the banks of two lakes and then along the Madison River.  You just couldn’t ask for a better ride.  We saw eagles, more buffalo, and deer.  Trout fisherman galore!  Cabins and camps and lodges all along the river. 

This portion ended way to soon.  But we had to cover some miles.  Onto the I90 and headed for Missoula.  Rain clouds were looming.  Although, we were successful in dodging and outrunning the storms for, at least, a couple of hours!  The Butte HD shop was closed so we decided to stop by the one in Missoula (I promise, this was not part of the original plan).  It was a good thing we stopped by there because we had several folks tell us about road construction that would affect our travels.  The first forced us to backtrack.  I believe this detour cost us about an extra 45-60 minutes.  Add to all this the rain storm that we DID encounter (you can’t dodge them forever). 

We were headed for Kalispell…  this was a holiday weekend… and we had no room reservations.  Are you getting the picture?  So we started checking for rooms about 20 miles out.  Not having any luck.  Finally, one of the motels in Kalispell told us about another motel that (the last time she checcked) was the only motel in town with any rooms left.  So we high-tailed it over there!  And, sure enough, they had rooms.

Now this was not your triple A motel.  This was the Blue and White Motel.  And we can’t wait to share with you pictures and descriptions of the different room motifs!  Enough said about this for right now!

This morning the weather looked really crappy.  The Weather Channel told us that we could expect scattered showers most all of the day.  So we dressed for the day. …  all of us in full rain gear.  It’s so much easier to put it all on when you’ve got some place dry to sit down.  But then most of you already knew that.

We were headed for Glacier National Park this morning – even though we had been forewarned about road construction in the park.


One Response to “WHEW!!!”

  1. Uh Oh, Bec went to sleep and that’s where I should be. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story and especially about the Blue and White. Now that I have discovered the facebook stuff, I will look for pictures there too. I think y’all need to sleep in for an entire day to catch up on your rest and sleep before continuing this marathon!

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