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Leaving Garden City, Kansas this morning was “soupy” – to say the least.  Fog was so thick that we could barely see a block in front of us.  It was so dense that we pulled over only a couple of miles after we left the motel to put on rain gear.  The heavy fog was soaking us!

A slow ride to Dodge City.  It was only about 50 miles but the fog didn’t lift for about 40 miles.  I was able to read a couple of road signs… MOUNTAIN ROUTE.  Now remember that we are in Kansas!  I’m sorry, but those two things just don’t relate.  And I’ve looked at my map again and I still don’t see any mountains.  The sad thing is that the signs could have said “Watch out for elephants” and I would have had to believe it.  The fog was that thick.

We rolled through Dodge City to find the local Harley dealer.  Phil was wearing a bit thin on his rear tire.  After a couple of hours there and not much hospitality, we moved on down the highway… but with a new tire and a couple of t-shirts.

We’ve been watching the weather  for the last few days to map our best route back south.  The sky was looking cloudy and overcast so I decided to leave my rain pants on.  Maybe that’s why it didn’t rain on us all day.  Always in front of us or beside us.  But we never got more that a little sprinkle here and there.  And , wow, did the temp start to climb.  By the time we got to Oklahoma it was in the high 80’s.  Yep, we were back in the south!

We found a room in El Reno and will spend our last night on the road here. We’re only about 350 miles out now.  Tonight Julie and Phil had the idea to call some of our riding buddies in Texarkana and see if they want to meet us and ride part of the way back with us.  We’ll see what the weather is doing in the morning….



  1. Wow, cannot believe this wonderful trip is almost over. What am I going to read every day now that the blog is ending? It’s been a barrel of fun and we have enjoyed “riding” along with you guys. Safe travels tomorrow and I hope the dogs don’t bite you when you get home.

  2. Weather is bad for riding in the T-town area but after all you’ve been through, you should handle it pretty well. We really have enjoyed your narrative and it will be great to see you again.

  3. We could not have asked for more wonderful riding buddies. There was never a cross word, never an upset, always considerate and thoughtful. It was truly a wonderful BIG TRIP!! We cannot wait until the next one.

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