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The adventure continues…  we left El Reno this morning after a severe rainstorm last night.  It wasn’t raining as we left but it was sure threatening.  Back in the rain gear again.  Our last dealership stop was in Oklahoma City.  We didn’t spend a lot of time there but it was a pretty impressive dealership.  More t-shirts, dip dots and dealer pins!  It’s a good thing there weren’t anymore dealerships before we got home.  The bags were bulging and we had things bungeed to the outside.  I’m sure we would give the impression of street people… only instead of a grocery cart we were loading up our bikes!  Each morning that we packed the bikes it was getting more and more comical to see where we could stow things.  I will tell you that we were all very pleased with the new luggage that we got… Kurakyn GranTailGater.  I think that’s the name of it.  Anyway, it just keeps growing and growing…  bulging in places I wasn’t aware were packable!  Anyone doing some serious road time or someone that has a need for LARGE capacity should check this out.

Left OK City and still no rain.  Our luck could not continue to hold out.  We have been so fortunate this entire trip not to experience any more rain than we have.  That would soon change – somewhere about 10 miles north of Ardmore.  And when it decided to rain – it rained hard.  We pulled off the road a few miles after it started.  Warmed up, wiped our windshields, visors and glasses and head out on the road again.  It was still raining pretty hard and it didn’t look like it was going to let up.  Full steam ahead!  We got hammered (and not in the cocktail way) for about 150-175 miles.  There was so much rain that no ones’ suit was withstanding the pounding.  The rain stopped about 10 miles before we got to Paris, but, by that time, it was too late.  We were pretty soaked.

Danny and Nancy were meeting us in Paris for the last 90 miles into Texarkana.  It was good to see some familiar smiling faces.  We decided to grab a bite to eat then head back.  Shoulda left when we had the chance.  By the time we got to Annona there was some sort of wreck and we were being diverted.  AND it was starting to rain again.  Full rain gear one last time!  But it rained on us all the way in to T-Town.  Guess it was a pretty fitting way to end our BIG TRIP 2009.  I’m afraid if the weather had been nice today none of us would have wanted the adventure to end.  We’ll just have to start planning for next year…..

I know several of you have followed us daily.  Hope you have enjoyed your virtual motorcycle trip with us.  And we enjoyed reading the comments.  I will post some more tips from the road but the ride is pretty much done.  I had fun with the blog and hope you did too.  In case you are curious, we had over 1,000 “hits” or viewings or whatever you call it.  Thanks for that!


1)  Never wash your hair with bar soap.

2)  Bring various (large size) zip-lok bags.  They are great for stowing things like socks, underwear, etc.  Zip-lok also makes a vacuum bag complete with pump that seemed to work great for J&P.

3)  Carry bed bug spray… you never know when you’ll have to stay in a “Blue and White”.

4)  Remeber that alcohol affects you differently in higher altitudes.

5)  It can be difficult finding fuel with a higher octane rating than 91 once you leave TX/AR/OK.  You might want to pack an octane booster.

6)  If you will be staying several nights on the road… choose a clean, reputable motel chain and join their “frequent guest” program.  You should be able to earn perks (free nights or upgrades) plus you will know what to expect with your accomodations.

If you are still interested, I will post some more tips tomorrow……


3 Responses to “IT AIN’T OVER YET”

  1. Sorry to disappoint but about half of those 1000 hits was me “just checking” to see if the next blog was posted!! Ha! We thoroughly enjoyed the virtual ride along and looked forward to your description of the sites we had seen and to “seeing” new ones with y’all. Glad to know you guys made it back in one piece even if soaked to the bone. Love your travel tips but I want the “rest of the story” regarding alcohol at high altitude!

  2. I am so sad that the trip is over. My life must be pretty dull if the highlight of my day was to read your blog. But seriously Bec, you are a great writer. I seriously felt that I was on the trip and seriously as I read what was happening, I swear my body was feeling it as well. So I know you must be tired. Bet yawl will take awhile to learn to walk upright again for long periods of time. I am so happy for the four of you.
    Glad you are home safe and sound.

  3. Hey everyone – I’m glad you’ll made it back. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Talk to you’ll later.

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