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Blastoff to Virginia

Hey Everybody…  here we are, back on the road again.  This time in a cage (that’s a 4 wheeled vehicle to you non- bikers).  I wasn’t going to blog this trip but since I’m already set up, I figured “what the heck!”.

Destination:  Charlottesville, VA

Event:  Jimmy Buffet Concert

Reason:  Mary’s Birthday

We left Camden at 11:48 this morning.  We don’t have much planned for this trip.   Monday afternoon – having the MiniCooper serviced in Nashville, TN.  Then Tuesday night – the concert. 

US 79 was the road of choice for our departure.  Through the Arkansas delta and even some of the Great River Road to Clarendon.  That’s where we picked up 49 east, across the Mississippi River into the state of Mississippi, our path speckled with casinos.  Once we got to 61 we headed north to Memphis.  More casinos.

One thing we did decide…  no chain eateries this trip.  So we have put a lot of faith in and Guy’s Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives.  Even though we missed our first food stop in Memphis by 10 minutes (Neeley’s Interstate BBQ) we were able to find another and I’m not sure that we could have done any better!!  The original Corky’s BBQ on Poplar.  We both had fall-off-the-bone pork ribs (Mary’s were dry and mine wet).  The other half of the combo for Mary was pulled pork; mine was Cajun bbq shrimp.  The hot rolls that came out first were wonderful.  The slaw was great… and I don’t even like slaw.  IT WAS ALL GOOD!

As we rolled out of Corky’s (and that was before we got to the car!!) we headed out east again… toward Nashville.  Our goal was to make it within 100 miles of the Mini dealership.  So, here we are for the night at Hurricane Mils, TN.  As luck would have it… Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch is just 7 miles down the road.  Think I can interest Mary in an early morning horseback ride?  Nah, I don’t think so.

Til tomorrow night…  from us TOBERs!  Wish you were with us!


2 Responses to “Blastoff to Virginia”

  1. Enjoying your trip with you! Wish I was with you. Enjoy the concert and have a safe trip. Your descriptions of travel are very good Aunt B. 🙂 Love you,

  2. Can’t believe in a cage but what else without the two of us.. be safe and enjoy!

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