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day of the “P”s

You all know how much I love riding my motorcycle.  I’ve got to tell you that our mode of travel on this trip is second only to that!  Twice now, we have started our day with the top down (no, not off!), gray hair blowing in the wind, listening to Radio Margaritaville or 70’s music on the XM. 

Back on the MUSIC HIGHWAY before 10:00 a.m.   Too bad our trip didn’t bring us this way a week or two earlier.  I could tell by what leaves were left on the trees that it must have been a beautiful “leaf turning” experience.  And I had forgotten since the last time I was this way, how enjoyable the drive was…  not your west Texas or Oklahoma panhandle flat but a continuous sweeping, curving, hilly ribbon of asphalt – slicing through the foliage and the chiseled stone bluffs.

Our service appointment was at 2:00 this afternoon but I had one stop to make before then.  Our goal to eat our way out east continues this morning with brunch planned at the Pancake Pantry in Nashville.  Another eatery discovered on  We were not disappointed.  Even at 11:oo in the morning we had to stand in line – albeit fairly short.  Once seated, Mary studied the menu.  I had already done that on-line and knew exactly what I wanted… the swedish pancakes with ligonberry and cream cheese, sprinkled with powdered sugar and a accompanied by a wedge of lemon.  Mary chose the sweet potato pancakes (eewww! who would have ever thought you could do that).  We shared an order of hashbrowns (these were HIGHLY recommended) and a side of Tennessee ham.   I think we will be sharing lots of dishes this trip.  My pancakes arrived and looked just as sumptious as the picture.  They were good… the ligonberries were tarter than I expected but the cream cheese helped with that.  Ham was ok… really salty but Mary told me that’s the way it was supposed to be.  Hashbrowns were excellent – definately home-made, cubed (not shredded) and very buttery and browned to just the right crispness.  Now the sweet potato pancakes were another story.  My gosh, they were delicious!  Served topped with whipped butter and creamy cinnamon syrup on the side.  Hands down, that was the best choice.  I believe I could justify another road trip just for those pancakes.

Can’t linger any longer here.  Need to get to the Mini dealership.  We were a little early but decided to go ahead and leave it.  We noticed a movie theater within walking distance (even with Mary’s recovering knees).  Movie choice was “2012” and was good – especially the special effects – even though the staff didn’t know how to turn down the sound for a near-empty theater.  Waaaaay too loud!

Once the Mini was finished (and with a complimentary wash, I might add.  I’m gonna miss all those bugs!)  we were back on the road with Knoxville in our sights.  Next stop was the Pizza Parlor on the east side.  This was a family owned joint that has been operated for over 4 decades by the same folks.  When we first pulled up it looked like a car dining experience.  We went to the order board and pulled out the telephone handset that rang straight to the girls inside.  “Come on in.  We’ve got seating inside too.”  So we parked and went inside.  The “seating” consisted of 4 barstools pulled up to the window sill.  Guess we can’t have everything.  The wait staff (and kitchen staff) were great.  This place would get 5 stars just based on them.  They made their recommendations and we took them to heart.  This stop we were going to split everything… actually, I was fearful that Mary would make a better choice than me again.  A small pizza with everything except anchovies and green peppers (hey, a girl has to draw the line somewhere), a small spaghetti with meat sauce and an order of onion rings.  The onion rings were supposed to be one of the things that they were famous for.  They were alright but apparently they haven’t had any from the little joint on the circle in downtown Amity, AR.  The spaghetti was really good – homemade sauce, handground beef, etc.  Now the pizza…  in a whole other category!  Had to be the best pizza I have ever had!  They made their dough right there and it was delicious.  Cheese was really fresh and stringy…..  Yep, I could stop here again too.  The girls never left our sides…  making sure everything was alright, bringing us refills and samples and chatting about the up-coming concert, plus a few they had already seen.  We had to get on the road but this was definately a fun stop.

We wanted to get a little closer to Virginia before we stopped for the night.  So here we are in Kingsport, TN for the night.  Guess you figured out what all the “P“s were.   Wonder where/what we’ll eat Tuesday.


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  1. First of all, I knew that traveling in the mini would be almost as good as the bikes and if we could get all those shirts on the bike, we could have packed them in the mini. However, I think that the riding went a long way in helping Mair’s rehab. We have traveled along your same route several times although it was always in October. I love your eating plans and can’t wait to try that next summer. I am glad that you still haven’t beaten Amity’s onion rings because I would feel so left out. I love the blog and think that you should publish your traveling tales as they are so enjoyable. After a few more trips with your writing and the Mairs photo’s, it would make a great book. By the way, did you check out Don McCoys summer vacation pics. Looks like he went the same direction that we did but probably in a “cage”. Ride safe, enjoy the concert, take lots of pics, think of us. We miss you!!

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