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Tuesday started a little late.  Not sure why – I think I forgot about the time change or something.  And it was a bit cool – so no top down this morning.  Even missed out on the fruit and muffins at the motel so figured we would head on to the first “food” stop.

A cheeseburger in paradise it was not!  More like a dudeburger in Christiansburg!  The stop was Dude’s Drive-in.  No inside seating… curb service only… we’re eating in the MiniCooper.  This place was “famous” for its dudeburger, so that’s what we had.  Girls couldn’t tell us whether the onion rings had a flour or meal batter but we tried them anyway.  They were frozen but had a good Sonic taste.  Fries were adequate.  The burger was nothing special.  Actually pretty bland…  I think Burger King would have been better.  Ok, they can’t all be jewels.

Back out on the road, the gps is still the original version that came in the car (2005) and we are finding a few flaws.  Nothing major.  Just makes for a more interesting trip.  But before we do another road trip in the Mini, we will probably need to update! 

We  really are heading to Charlottesville but there was one more (slightly-out-of-the-way) stop.  To the Southern Kitchen in New Market.  They were best known for their peanut soup.  Sounds kinda weird doesn’t it?  Don’t forget that we are in Virginia!   We really weren’t hungry so just decided to get a cup to go.  Figured we would warm it later.

Through the Shenandoah National Forest on US33.  What a drive!  Curves, twisties, switch-backs…  the MiniCooper was doing a great job for a “cage” but I could just feel myself on the bike!

We arrived in Charlottesville at the height of rush hour.  We did have the foresight to make reservations prior and were now trying to figure out how to get to the front office of the motel.  Not a good sign when the lobby is draped with plastic cloth and everything is in general disarray.  Not a deal – we are just after a place to lay our heads.  That’s what we got.  No microwave (how would we warm the peanut soup?).  No frig.  Curtains that had to be coaxed into closing.  Oh well!

The peanut soup was still warm so I decided to taste/try it before all was lost.  Kinda hard to describe… very creamy… sorta like peanut butter that has been blended with milk.  That was ok but then there was the onion!  A definite onion thing!  If you can imagine a peanut butter sandwich with a slice of onion…  that’s what it was like.  Most definitely a different taste.  I don’t think I will worry so much about not having a frig or microwave now.  But I did try it!  Don’t tell me I don’t have a sense of adventure!

Now it’s off to the concert.  Almost 2 hours before  it starts but the traffic is already very congested.  We are directed to a lot very close to the arena and I wish we could have arrived a few hours earlier.  Some major tailgaiting going on!  And Mary says this was nothing compared to the other concert of his that she saw.  Into the John Paul Jones arena (very nice venue) and headed for our seats.  I bought these on e-bay so you never know!  They were fantastic seats…  not too many stairs…  on the end of the row and down close.  The man put on an awesome concert!  He came out in his Hawaiian print shorts, t-shirt and barefoot.  The concert lasted about 2 and a half hours and he only left the stage twice for a couple of minutes each.  Most all of the concert-goers were dressed in Polynesian print shirts, lots of leis, and bunches of funky hats (parrots, fins, cheeseburgers, etc).  It was a blast!  Hated for it to end.

Now since we didn’t eat prior to the concert we were on a quest to find a spot this late at night…  that wasn’t a chain.  We were directed into the downtown area (no luck) and then through the area around the university (again, no luck).  Ok, so we’ll settle for what we can get now.  The Boat House – doesn’t look like a chain – closing (but the bar was still open if we wanted to drink our meal).  Next door was the Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Probably a chain, but we hadn’t experienced it and they were open…  lots of cars.  Once we were seated and ordered our drinks, we studied the “menu”.  I use that term very loosely.  We weren’t interested in fried pickles or nachos so we finished our drinks (btw – the drink menu was the size of a short novel) and left.  This is a college town… surely there are some late-night spots.  But everyone we talked to was drawing a blank.  We finally got directions to the Waffle House and IHOP.  I know.  I know.  I said we weren’t going to do chains… but this situation was calling for an amended plan.  Only this once!  So IHOP it was and then off to bed.   Haven’t decided which way we are heading out of here so I guess I better study some.  More from the road later……


One Response to “CHEESEBURGERS in Paradise”

  1. So glad that the concert was a hit. Sorry about the food though. I guess that every time can not be a hit. Ya need to let roadfood know that these two were not your favorites. Be safe.

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