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what a day!!!

A wonderfully, fantastic day!  We slept in a little later and then headed out I-64 south to Newport News, VA where we picked up US168/158 to Nags Head, NC.  The drive was superb.  Not sure why, but so many of the leaves were still in place…  lots of yellow, deep reds, oranges, etc.  It was probably better a week or so ago, but it was really beautiful today.

In Newport News we picked out Chatfield’s for lunch.  Not disappointed at all.  Mary had the gouda chicken with pasta and broccoli.  Deep smoky flavor – from the cheese, I’m sure.  I had a lump crab cake sandwich.  First time I’ve ever had crab cake but I would do it again.  Very tasty and the fries were homemade too.  Just what I needed to take my mind off of yesterday’s fiascos.

The nice drive continued once we left Newport News, only without the leafy colors.  Lots of coastline, boat shops, seafood restaurants and markets, beach houses, surf shops,  etc.  We drove through Kitty Hawk and to the Harley shop (I couldn’t help myself) at Nags Head.  By the time we finished there and found the Wright brothers memorial, it didn’t take much to talk ourselves into finding a place to stay and enjoy one of the local seafood eateries.

It’s off-season around here so the motel room rates are cheap!  We might have to come back again next year!  The girl at the front desk recommended the Black Pelican, about 4 miles up the road, for some tasty local fare.  Besides expanding my waistline on this trip, I am expanding my horizons!  Tonight we started with baked brie, served with homemade pita points and a sweet, tasty raspberry melba sauce.  Bet ya’ll didn’t know I could even spell brie!  Mary had seared jumbo sea scallops and grilled swordfish over creamy sun-dried tomato rice and roasted asparagus finished with a balsamic demi glaze.  Mine was a mixed grill consisting of NY strip steak and lemon pepper grilled Mahi with twice baked macaroni and cheese topped with crispy bacon and garlic-buttered corn on the cob.  Ummm, ummm good! 

We’ve decided to hit the rack early tonight.  Mary said I could wake her at 7 in the morning.  I want to get an early start so we can see what we are driving.  We might drive to Hatteras and catch a ferry to Cedar Island.  I’ll have to check on ferry reservations in the morning.  I think it’s gonna be another wonderful day.

Night ya’ll.  Hope you’re enjoying the trip!!


2 Responses to “what a day!!!”

  1. Boy the food net work has nothing on your discriptions. Along with writing a travel bookl, a coffee table book, and now being a food critic the possibilities are endless. You might even be able to get a quick job as a server in one of those posh places where they tell you about the special of the day when you are traveling through and need a little quick cash for gas for the mini or the scooter. Seriously, I have really enjoyed the posts. I cannot tell you how I envy your gift of gab. I am awaiting with bated breath for the next. Love you both, travel safely and enjoy!!

  2. Hey Girls,
    We are at the lake and have not turned the computer on for several days so just read your whole trip, in reverse order, I might add. Sounds like you are eating your way across country and having a great time. Since we are just having our wake up coffee, I read this aloud to Bon and she agrees with Julie that you should publish a travel book of some sort. Anyway, we are enjoying your trip while working on this mess at the lake. Whole ‘nother story for later!! When are you coming home? Enjoy the rest of your “cage” trip and we will read about it and have fun with you. Love you guys.
    Dot and Bon

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