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still in North Carolina

Yea, we got a really early start this morning.  Spent lots of time in the car today.  We left out of Nags Head in a southwesterly direction – actually more south than west.  We were going to hit Cape Hatteras and catch a ferry but found out I should have made reservations at least a month ago.  Maybe next time.  We hugged the coastline as best we could and ended up at the Bayville ferry.  This was after a fuel stop where one of the locals directed us to the ferry, then to a restaurant in Oriental, NC.  Our timing wasn’t the best at the ferry, and this was already off-season, so we ended up waiting over an hour for a boat ride.  Not too bad though… and the ferry ride was nice too.  Once in Aurora, we headed to our lunch destination.  It was still about an hour away around the shoreline.

M&M’s Cafe in Oriental was quite a find.  Mary and I both ordered sandwiches and cut them in half to share.  Mine was a fried softshell crab on a whole wheat bun with a mild remoulade sauce.  Once again I tried onion rings.  I am happy to report that both were very good.  Still not south Arkansas onion rings, but the best on this trip so far.  Mary’s  sandwich was jumbo boiled shrimp on white toast with the same remoulade sauce.  She opted for the fries.  Lunch was a success.  Sure, I would stop  by this place again.  There was more to choose from on the “daily special” board than on the menu.

From there we headed across another intercostal waterway and towards our second ferry ride for the day.  We only had to wait about 20 minutes for this one.  Alright, I think we are back on the mainland now… although I’m not real sure.  We have crossed so many rivers, waterways, bays, etc. that I am a little confused.

Once it started raining on us, the plan was to stop in Wilmington for the night.  After I found us making a southern loop around the city, having missed all the motels, and with the rain stopped, we decided to forge on.  We have made our way to Shallotte, NC for the night… only a short distance from South Carolina.

The desk clerk at the motel referred us to Jerome’s Steak and Seafood for our evening meal.  We got there a little before closing time.  They had a huge salad bar which was included with my steak and shrimp.  Mary had the seafood platter.  The entire meal was no more than adequate.  Not anything memorable at all unless it was Mary’s scallops.  They were very good.

I’m glad to be back in the room and getting ready for bed.  Hope to start early again tomorrow.  Plan on visiting Myrtle Beach in South Carolina before I turn west.  That will probably put us back in Camden late Saturday.  But, I’ll keep you all posted.  Sleep tight – I know I will!


One Response to “still in North Carolina”

  1. Hey, I think y’all are lost and will be lucky to find your way back to Camden!! Can you believe I am so excited to read this blog that I am reading it at 3 A.M. Actually just having one of those weird nights where I wake up and can’t get back to sleep so thought I would check up on you guys. I’ll bet you were just a little bit happy to be in a cage when you got into the rain. Keep having fun and drive safely. Hugs to both of you.

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