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take me home, country roads

Not much to tell about today.  We left Shallotte (pronounced shall-ott’) at a pretty reasonable hour after we spent a half hour watching an egret fish for crawfish in the motel parking lot.  Sadly, that was probably the highlight of our day.   Mary and I both wanted to see Myrtle Beach… in the daylight.  So that’s where we headed.  We spent all morning cruising Ocean Blvd.   I have never seen so many t-shirt shops, country clubs and miniature golf courses.  But the ocean was beautiful.  I think we’ve decided to buy a beach house here… rent it out 8 or 10 months out of the year… and spend the rest of the time in it ourselves.  NOT!  Nice idea, just not happening.

As soon as we finished the “2 old women in a convertible cruising the strip” thing, we turned west.  Officially, we are Arkansas bound!

The remainder of the day was spent rolling down I20.  We ventured off at Thomson, GA for some lunch/supper at about 3:00 this afternoon.  Still with the same agenda… no chains/franchise.  We chose Chili Peppers, a small local Mexican restaurant.  The first thing I will tell you is that (obviously) the Georgia Mexicans and the Texas/Arkansas Mexicans didn’t learn how to cook at the same place.  And  I keep telling myself that it’s a matter of personal taste… but honestly, I’m not sure how this place was still in business!!  I can’t imagine anyone liking what we ate today!!  ‘Nuff said.  So I’m not sure what the score is at this point but Mary keeps reminding me that this is an adventure!

Tonight we are sleeping on the east side of Birmingham, AL.  Definately back in Camden tomorrow.


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