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food report…

Failed to tell ya’ll about supper tonight.  You know my mouth has been watering for some good seafood for days.  NOW, we are in the land of good seafood!  I can’t wait!

After checking into our motel we decided to venture out and find a suitable place to eat.  Girls at the front desk had suggested a seafood place so that’s where we headed.   When we pulled into the parking lot it had the look of a place the locals really liked (hopefully because of it’s quality) with a white frame building trimmed in blue and a long wooden porch.  Once inside, we were given the choice of “smoking” or “non-smoking”.  I didn’t even know you had that choice any more.

The menu was a bit disappointing.  For one of the very few times in my life, I was not after fried anything.  So we were somewhat limited.  Mary and I both settled on the boiled shrimp (medium spicy) with corn and red potatoes.  The cole slaw was way too sweet for me, the red potatoes (all two of them) were no bigger than a jumbo olive, the corn felt and chewed like it had been stewing most of the day, and the shrimp was mushy.  It tasted good but was so mushy that it was hard to peel.  After questioning our waitress, I was told that probably the shrimp boiling water needed to be changed.  Not sure if that’s a valid excuse or not but I couldn’t dispute it.  I just know this is not a place that I’ll draw a big star beside.  And I won’t have to worry about finding my way back there either.

So much for our first seafood meal on vacation.  You sure you want me to keep writing about this???????????????


2 Responses to “food report…”

  1. Yep, we need a more inspired choice from now on, but maybe it was a good thing that it wasn’t the place you thought it would be cause y’all may have overdone with those new stomachs.

    Keep writing, cause I love it.

  2. Hey, you 2 were so excited to leave that you failed to post the blog site again and I had to scroll through all of your posts to find the address. Glad ya’ll arrived safely. Was your reservation one from the Hog Best Western? I am sorry that the first food was not so great, but I’m sure that you will keep us posted. Waiting for the next update

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