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The clock on the dash read 8:20 this morning as we backed out of the driveway and headed down the road.  We were in Louisiana before 9 a.m.  The weather was beautiful… a little on the cool side but still beautiful.  Mary and I were dressed in the standard TOBER traveling clothes.  That would be sweat pants, t-shirts and tennis shoes.  Hey, this is a comfort thing.  Besides, we are still recuperating from our bout with food poisoning.

We opted to head east at I-20 before going south.  Once we had crossed Louisiana and into Mississippi, we decided to lunch at Jackson.  Don’t anybody get excited…  it was just Subway!  We’re still playing  it kinda safe.  I promise we will venture out –  just not yet.  Best thing about stopping for lunch was that it turned out to be warm enough to drop the top.  Wooohooo! 

Once we got to Gulfport it had cooled enough to close up again.  That’s ok.  We had a great afternoon.  Driving past I-10 to hwy 90 that we took east.  Nice little 30 mile drive along the coast.  Yes, vacation has started.  Staying the night in Moss Point, MS.  The most excitement today was arriving at the motel to find that they didn’t have our reservations.  Oh well……  what can I say….  we’re in the room now getting ready to say “nighty night”!  More tomorrow, I hope.


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