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We had the most wonderful driving day today!  By 8:30 this morning Moss Point was but a blur in the rearview.  We headed back to hwy 90 eastbound for some more coastal scenery.  Once we crossed the Alabama state line, we found hwy 188 to Dauphin Island.  There’s a really long bridge onto the west end of the island but only the ferry gets you off the other end.  After a brief scenic detour (kinda like the Route 66 detour that some of you can relate to) we made our way across the island to the ferry.  Of course I had detoured about 10 minutes too long and we missed the ferry…  next one out was 90 minutes later.  That’s ok…  we’ll just cruise the island.  Discovered lots of really neat things… such as the old fort, lots of fishermen and the beach sand crews.  I bet lots of you didn’t know that they actually scoop up all of the sand that has blown up close to the road….  Yep, and then they run it through a shaker kind of  machine to clean out all the debris.  Once that has been done it’s loaded back into trucks and hauled back out onto the beaches to be spread again.  I don’t guess I knew, or ever really thought of where all that runaway sand went….  but now I know.  And so do you!

Back to the ferry…  we didn’t want to miss another one.  Have you ever noticed how chatty ferry operators are?  They are usually very personable and almost always have something to say about your car, your license plate or a bumper sticker.  Today, after visiting with the operator, I struck up a conversation with a very nice “southern” woman.  Now I always figured myself to be from the south but there was no comparison to me and this lady  from Gautier (that’s pronounced Gawteyay for you non-southerners).  We chatted about menfolk, her grandfather (who was a “plantuh” from Arkansaw – or farmer from Mcgehee), her vacation house in Fote Mowgun (Fort Morgan) and several other subjects I just can’t seem to recall.  You have to know that this was a 35 minute ferry ride.  Anyway, I’ve decided I want to be a ferry operator on the Dauphin Island/Ft. Morgan ferry.  The stories I could tell………….

Once in Ft Morgan, we picked up hwy 98 (another coastal drive) until I couldn’t stand the traffic any more.  That, plus, the missed ferry and the time change was putting us much later to Fanning Springs than I had planned.  Now we  are going to have to haul some serious a– or my cousin will be in bed before we get there. 

That’s all for tonight.   More tomorrow..



  1. Hey Y’all,
    Sounds like another fun day. Loved your “Southern lady” story and your phonetic spelling of her language. Did she also offer you a drink of waughtah (water)? Or is that just in Georgia that they say that? I always think they are “putting on airs” (whatever that means) . Who the H…ever heard of a “plantuh from Ahcansaw”? More like a dirt farmer from McGehee!! Just give me my vacation house on White Oak Lake and my “down to earth” friends there. Have fun girls!
    Hugs from us

  2. Some how or another I can relate to that ride simulator to route 66.

  3. The only thing I remember about Dauphin Island was the sand flies when we were there. Miserable! I am so glad y’all didn’t have a confrontation with them.

    Loved your ferry lady conversation.

    Be safe & have fun. Cold and cloudy here, about 45, so you aren’t missing any ride weather today.


  4. Sounds like a great trip. I know you got to visit with Vicky and Larry and I’ll probably read about it tonight. Your food adventures seem to be a little milder this time. 🙂 You worried about the tires on the mini? 🙂 I love reading your blog. Who ever knew my sister would be so good with the written word? I actually went back and re-read the ‘Jimmy Buffet’ trip too as I had missed some of that. You have a very descriptive side to you. Love and miss you both and glad you are having such fun relaxing. Makes me really look forward to my NM trip.
    Love ya, Min

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