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It just doesn’t get any better than this….

Just when you think everything has been wonderful, you have a day like today!  We are less than 80 miles from where we stayed last night.  But that is by design.  There was this little 10 unit motel on the beach that we wanted to stay at.  Arrived here about mid-day and have pretty much been with our toes in the sand ever since.  Literally, right outside our door is the ocean!  We’ve been watching the pelicans play, kids surfing and the dolphins swimming today.  Hope Mary has gotten some good pics.

And, yes, SPF 30, a few times today.  Don’t think the temp ever got above 70 but the sun was shining.  Once the sun set this evening we had to come in because the wind was so cool.  Can’t wait until in the morning.  We don’t have to check out until 11:00 and I plan on being on the beach at least a couple hours before that!

Tonight we drove to the south end of Manasota Key and dined at the Lock ‘N Key Restaurant.  If anyone wants directions, it is well worth the drive…. I don’t care where you are coming from!  We started with the escargot with diced tomatoes served in a garlic, lemon, wine sauce.  NEVER have I had snails so good!!!  I always thought that they were supposed to be a bit chewy (based on all of my previous experiences).  That is not the case!  These were so tender they had the consistency of a canned peach.  UUUUMMMMMM!!  Near orgasmic (if I remember what that was like).  But that was only the beginning…..  the garden salad didn’t do much for us (yes, the tomato crop has been hard hit).  You kinda feel bad they had to turn loose of a whole  cherry tomato between the both of us!  Anyway, Mary had the fish trio almondine.  Grouper, salmon and swordfish broiled and smothered in a light lemon creme sauce topped with roasted almonds.  I tried a bite of each and couldn’t decide which one I liked best!  Delicious!  Mine was the shrimp scampi.  Huge butterflied shrimp and pasta tossed with a buttery lemon sauce.  We were sucked in by the lemon sauces tonight but we were not disappointed.  Trying to figure out if they will be open by the time we leave tomorrow……

Looks like we might get to turn in early tonight and that is fine with me…  Tomorrow we’re headed through the Everglades, so if you don’t hear from us tell the authorities to interview the alligators……………………..


3 Responses to “It just doesn’t get any better than this….”

  1. Sounds too cool, not only the food, but the 10 unit motel!

    Don’t think y’all are watching the caloric intake, but you deserve to indulge yourselves after what you have been through.

    Love the posts! Keep them coming.

    I think you can take a small alligator!


  2. I’m trying again. It said an error, but can’t remember what I typed.

    Keep the posts coming.

  3. OMG! Just pass the chicken, hog, and cow my direction. Y’all can keep the snails and sea critters. The sunshine and the beach sound great though!

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