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Michael Buble’ rocks!!!

Yet another wonderful day.  We awoke to the wonderful hospitality of Vicky and Larry.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and spent the entire morning  just visiting and taking a tour of their Florida paradise!  It’s always good to visit with family.  They fed us again and we were off by about 1:30 this afternoon.

Again, it was a nice drive.  Today was the day for motorcycles though….  If we saw 5, we saw 500 bikes on the road.  Singles, 2’s, 6’s, etc.  This is such a great place to own a bike.  As you ride down the highway, you may have a bike wash on one side and then a few miles down the road a little mini-rally complete with vendors.  I think I’m going through withdrawal!

We are staying the night in Clearwater and driving across the bay to Tampa for the concert.  First, I’ll share our evening dining experience.  Bascom’s Chop House was located right in front of the motel so supper was a no-brainer.  Once inside, we had to ask if jeans and t-shirts were ok cause this appeared to be a pretty up-scale place.  And it was…  the kind where the prices say ” market ” and “in season”.  That’s ok, we were here to eat!  We are both feeling pretty much back to normal so anything goes.  We didn’t get too carried away though.  Friday night they have a prime rib special that we both decided on.  The salad was very non-descript but very fresh.  The rib was served with onion straws piled high and horseradish on the side.  So juicy and oh so tender that it practically melted in your mouth.  Mary opened up her sinuses with the horseradish but I abstained…  taking in the au jaus just as it was supposed to be.   Just enough to send us to the concert!

Not much that I can tell you about the concert except that he was fantastic.  His part of the concert was only about an hour and 45 minutes but it was pure BUBLE’.  I’ll probably have dreams about him tonight…….  or not.


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