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but it does…..

Tonight we are sitting out by the pool at the motel in Florida City.  This is our last stop before we hit Key West.  I know ya’ll are tired of hearing it but today was another fantastic day!

I started the day walking the beach looking for shells and shark’s teeth.  Lot’s of those fan-looking shells in all sizes and colors but not too many teeth.  And the ones I did find were tiny.  Not like the last time I was this way, I filled up a quart jar with the things.  Guess the water isn’t “rolling” just right or something.  Regardless, it was a wonderful way to start my day.

Mary brought me coffee as I sat on the deck overlooking the ocean, making my morning phone calls.  I watched a stunt airplane for quite a while, doing all of his loops, rolls, flips, stalls, etc.  Quite interesting.  Guess he was just practicing as no one seemed to know of any air show today.

We heard from KRay, DebbieLewis and Julie this morning.  They were already somewhere between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  I think they were spending the night in Destin.   We’re supposed to see them Wednesday.

We stayed on hwy 41 all day today as it carried us through Englewood, Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, and Naples.  We were looking for a lunch spot around Naples and ended up off of the beaten path….  but I guess I would never know how the rich and famous live if that hadn’t happened.  Unbelievable!  Everybody had a boat dock like we have a carport.  Huge boats!  I think some could have doubled for aircraft carriers.  Once we made it through Naples, 41 took a 90 degree turn east and carried us all the way across the Everglades.  Of course we had to stop at one of the airboat tour spots and take a little airboat ride out into the mango groves…..  Mary had never done it before but is ready to go again.  She got lots of pictures of alligators, egrets, cranes and all.

As we pulled into our motel we noticed a seafood place on the highway.  Guess where we headed for supper…..   they had escargot on the menu.  Dare I try it here?  Since that last night, it’s going to have to be a lot to measure up.  OK, I will…  and once again, I am not disappointed.  It wasn’t quite as good as last night but it was still good.  I think the big difference was the creamy lemon/garlic wine sauce.  Mary tried the fried oysters and I’ve been craving a lobster tail.  Mary said her oysters were very good.  And after I mopped the drawn butte from my lap (yes, the whole little cup thing!) I thoroughly enjoyed my fresh Florida lobster tail.  I hope that’s not the last one I have on this trip!

Back at the room and we found out the guest laundry facilities were free so you probably can’t guess what we are doing now.  I had to get after that butter stain right away, you see.

Watch out Key West.  We’re headed your way tomorrow!!


2 Responses to “but it does…..”

  1. Oh I feel soooooooooooooooooooo bad for you two!!!!!!! I wish I was on the ride with ya’ll!! Have a blast for me!!!!!!!!

  2. Laundry chores reminds G of last summer. Did you miss her? How, by the way did you get the butter out?

    Did I miss something? Are KRay et al meeting y’all to fish? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Sounds like y’all are having a relaxing trip, but we miss you both.

    G & L

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