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Traveling on 2 wheels with us old broads…


A very leisurely day driving through the Keys.  We were only 130 miles out  but we took about 5 hours to do it!  Stopped for pictures, a little shopping, more sunblock, and a fish sandwich.

Lunch was on Big Pine Key.  Mary and I both opted for a fresh basa sandwich, hers blackened and mine grilled.  Basa (not sure if I’m spelling that right) is a member of the catfish family, or so we were told.  Anyway, it was light, flaky and very mild.  Delicious!

We rolled into Key West around 3pm and went straight to the motel.  After checking in and unloading all our stuff for the next week we struck out on foot.  We’re staying only a block off of Duval street.  We probably walked about 10 blocks looking into all the t-shirt shops and art galleries.  We’ve been looking for Cuban food for the past 2 days so when one of the gallery operators suggested one, we were off in a flash!  About 2 blocks into the walk to the restaurant, one of those rickshaw bicycles things pulled up and offered a ride.  I guess they felt sorry for Mary limping along with her walking stick.  He pedaled us right to the front door…  hell, he should have dropped us tableside for what he charged.  I didn’t have any idea how much those things cost.  Maybe he charged us by the pound!!!   Well, I’m sure that will be the last time we flag one of those things down.

Back to the restaurant…  El Siboney.  I meant to translate that before I started the blog but I forgot to.  I was ready to eat some paella just because I ate some that Marissa made and knew what it was supposed to taste like.  But they said we would have to allow an hour to cook and we had already waited almost that long just to get in.  Our waitress recommended the cuban roast pork and that sounded just fine with me.  It was served like pulled pork with sliced, slightly grilled onions on top.  Yellow rice, black beans and fried plantains made up the rest of the plate.  Pork was deliciously salty and the plantains were breaded and tasted just like bananas (I think they were supposed to).  The black beans were OK for beans.  I liked them much better over the rice though.  Mary also had a bowl of conch chowder that was definitely worthy of 2 or 3 more bites.  Totally different taste from clam chowder.  Maybe it was the cuban version… don’t know… but I would try it again!

We’re back in the room…  so much fresh air today has worn me out.  I’m headed for the rack!  Later.


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