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Traveling on 2 wheels with us old broads…


Although the day started off with rain, it has been full of friends and fun.  All of our folks have arrived and we spent the day showing everyone around, cruising Duval Street and finally… renting an electric 6 passenger cart.  We scooted down to Mallory Square for the sunset that was famously gorgeous.  Our meal was so non-descript that none of us can even remember the name of the restaurant.  But KRay was the life of the party with live commentary as we traveled down the streets of Key West.  She was even headed for a “pole dance” before we all decided to call it a night!  More fun to be had tomorrow.


2 Responses to “KICKING’ IT… ISLAND STYLE”

  1. Wow! Girls, y’all are just having too much fun! We ate pork tenderloins at the Green Bay Tap in Wever, Iowa! KRay will know the place, I’m sure. Enjoy your trip ladies. Hugs from us. D and B

  2. Let’s find a more descriptive place for y’all’s dinner because inquiring minds must know, for sure!

    Tell all the girls hello, and keep those posts a coming.

    Tell Mary I am so glad that she is so politically correct and not wasting gasoline. Those wealthy oil companies don’t need anymore money!!!

    L & G

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