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Traveling on 2 wheels with us old broads…


EEEEEEWWWWWW what a day!  We still had the little electric cart and continued to make our way around the island…  seeing everything that we could possibly see.  And taking pictures of it all.

We started out running by the Key Lime Factory to take pics of a collection of brightly painted chairs.  Sure hope they turn out once we get them photo size.  It’s kinda hard to tell on a 2.4 inch screen.  From there we went to Fort Zachary Taylor and then down by the beach.  I am so glad that we don’t buy film any more!  Of course we saw the southernmost point in the U.S., Higgs Beach, the courthouse (complete with kapok tree), the lighthouse, Hemingway House, and on and on and on!  We are having such a good time!  Tomorrow we go on our deep-sea fishing trip and all of us are excited.  Talked with our boat captain about 9 this morning and they already had half of their box full of fish!  Hope we are as lucky.

We met another of our friends from Texarkana this morning and she tagged along for awhile.  We had lunch at Blue Heaven.  Some of you may have heard of it… it’s pretty famous.  One of today’s specials was a lobster melt sandwich.  I probably don’t even have to describe it but it was lobster chunks sautéed in butter served on a whole grain bun with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce and melted vermont white cheddar cheese. OMG!!!!  TO DIE FOR!!!   I think the cheese was one of the best condiments.  Wow it was good.  Did I say that yet?

After lunch we drove to Nancy’s apartment and then she guided us up the Atlantic side of the island, showing us a few things over there.  It was time to return the cart so we had to get a move on.  And KRay, Debbie and Julie were doing a sunset cruise that they had to get back for.  After the group split Mary, Kim, DT and I headed back down Duval street for some serious shopping.  I guess that all we had done previously was just kind kidding around shopping.  Right now, we are all officially shopped out!  Thank goodness!

Mary and I went to dinner by ourselves tonight…  everyone was going different directions.  We opted for the Italian restaurant around the block from the hotel, Abandanzza.  It was a very good.  We had the linguine with pine nuts, parmesan, fresh basil, (lots) garlic, olive oil and local pink shrimp.  I still liked lunch better but it was good.

We are all getting ready to turn in for the night.  Got to get plenty of rest for the fishing tomorrow.  I just hope I have lots to write about tomorrow night.


2 Responses to “LIVIN’ ON ISLAND TIME….”

  1. Glad we ain’t with you on that boat. G would have to have the puke bag, and I don’t like confinement, but hope you have the best day ever.

    Will need full report.

    Guess what? I have concrete!!

    G & L

  2. Wishing you lots of great fishing. Just remember, ya gotta clean and cook those suckers for dinner when you get back!! Not too likely, huh?? Your room at our house got some use last night and will again tonight we think. Friend from LA here taking care of her Dad in the hospital needed a place to crash. Mom has a house full of company and more arriving today. We enjoyed a late St. Paddy’s meal with everyone at Mom’s last night.
    Have fun and be safe. See you in Camden or at White Oak soon!!
    D & B

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