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thar she blows…..

Super fantastic day!  We were out on the boat and leaving the harbor before 7:30.  The captain took us out over 20 miles where he located a school of mackerel.  We fished it for a couple of hours and hauled in 15 keepers of king fish and mackerel, the largest being about 12-13 pounds.  Had to throw a black grouper back and also a barracuda.  None of the 6 of us had ever  been fishing like this before and it was quite a treat!  The down side is that we are all worn out.  I did take the time to post some new pictures on facebook.  Check them out and I’ll try to write more tomorrow!


2 Responses to “thar she blows…..”

  1. Finally got to sit down and read your blog. Glad its slow at work tonight. Sounds like ya’ll are having a blast! Are you bringing any fish back with you? Your food stories have made me super hungry for seafood. Tonight they are having a fish fry outside, so that will have to suffice… I’m glad you guys are safe and having fun – really enjoying the blog.

  2. Whatever you did beats the hell out of scooping snow!! Yes, it’s 3-20-10, not quite daylight, but one can see that we are covered in a thin blanket of that white stuff. A peek out the front door confirmed that it is colder than a well digger’s butt in January and the tiny white crystals continue to swirl about in the wind on their way to the ground. Enjoy your beach sand and sunshine!
    D & B

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