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Today was the last day that we could spend doing those really touristy things!  Our day started at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  That was a real treat and we have tons of pictures to prove it.  It was a glassed-in observation room… but it was big.  Filled with all kinds of butterflies, orchids and button quail.  We spent a couple of hours wandering through there. 

You know we’ve been blowing and going so much that I decided to take a couple of “me” hours out by the pool.  Got 16 pages into a new paperback and 30 minutes into a good nap!!!  It didn’t last long though.

Mary and I spent some more time walking Duval.  We’ve done so much walking that she may be able to start jogging when we get back.  Then we met Kim and DT for our evening excursion…  COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN!  This was a sunset cruise on a  75 foot catamaran, complete with live band, complimentary beer, wine and margaritas and light snacks.  The sunset was beautiful, the band was great and the booze was better!   None of us got sick and we all had a great time.

Once back on land we struck out for a cuban restaurant.  Tonight I had the cuban nachos (these were made on plantain chips – that was kinda different) and another version of escargot.  This time the snails were in a creamy spinach sauce.  The least favorite of all this trip.

Back in the room now trying to pack a few things for our departure tomorrow.  I hear the weather back home is getting pretty crappy so we might have to take even LONGER than we planned getting back.  Not looking forward to returning to cold, rainy weather.  Oh, ya’ll don’t get excited!  I’m just kidding…  I think.


2 Responses to “FUN IS ENDING WAY TOO SOON…”

  1. You could have had snowball fights in our yard most of the day today but it wasn’t very cold so it melted pretty quickly. You guys need to get home and eat some hog and cow and leave those poor crustaceans and shellfish alone!! Glad you have had fun, soaked up the sun, caught fish, saw the sights, etc. Drive carefully and have a safe trip home.
    I have watched basketball all day and half the night. More of the same coming tomorrow. I love it!!
    D and B

  2. U R going to turn into a Mollusk!

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