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SPRING fever

What a blast we had today!  More time out of the car today than in it!  Our first tourist stop was Manatee Springs, about 60 miles from Ocala.  It was kinda on a whim but only about 10 miles out of the way.  After the road construction, deer crossing, and ranger station we were in the park.  Very nice grounds with trails and walkways through the cypress groves and swamps.  We saw asian carp, gar (or sturgeon — we aren’t sure)  and mullet.  After we got back to the springs we saw manatee coming in from the Suwanee River.  Mary got lots of pics but not sure if you’ll be able to tell what they are… underwater and all.  And the mullet were constantly jumping out of the water.  Very tricky shooting pics of that happening.  I think this was how Mary used up all of her battery today.  We spent about 2 hours in the park walking around and taking pictures.  Very calming and beautiful.

Back on the road.  I think we actually went a little over 100 miles before the next stop.  Wakulla Springs.  You might not think you are familiar with this park but I bet you are.  Just think Johnny Weismueller (Tarzan) and Creature from the Black Lagoon.  They filmed Tarzan and “creature” movies here.  Another beautiful park!  We took a “jungle” boat ride where they carried us down river for up-close looks at alligators, more manatee, blue heron, watersnake, egrets, turtles and a host of other creatures!  I still don’t understand how anyone can swim in that water…  Tarzan or not!

Before we got to our stopping place for the night, we took another side trip to St. George Island.  This place is probably worthy of a vacation stop.  Kinda off the beaten path but could certainly be enjoyed – probably off-season.  Anyway, a few miles further down the road we have stopped for the night.. Apalachicola.  Just don’t ask me to pronounce it.

Actually, today, the food wasn’t worth writing about.  Lot’s of greasy, fried stuff….  hamburger, shrimp, oysters, green tomatoes, onion rings.  Wow, I feel my arteries hardening just talking about it!


2 Responses to “SPRING fever”

  1. Think we are ready for y’all to be home.
    Have missed y’all.

    L & J

  2. Sounds as if you guys need to move to Florida with the rest of the snow birds. At this rate y’all may never make it back to Camden or the rest of us will be too old to remember you when you get home. Ha!! Still think we are heading that way this weekend unless the Denver snow moves on across Arkansas. Don’t want to repeat last spring’s experience on snow and ice covered Arkansas roads!!
    See ya,
    D & B

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