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Just so everyone knows…  we will be departing Texarkana on August 26th for destinations west.  Mary and I, Julie and Phil, and Danny and Nancy will be trailering our bikes to Albuquerque and riding a loop (approximately 5200 miles) from there.  I know I said I would never trailer again but it will actually save us about 4 riding days so how could I refuse.   I will probably start the blog on the 28th so you guys can enjoy the ride with us once again.


4 Responses to “COUNTING DOWN…”

  1. Happy Trails to you and the Sons of the Pioneers. Hope Tickerbelle pulls the trailer o.k.

  2. Ya’all go for it!!!

  3. Gonna miss my sister, but not her “I’m worried about you” comments. Glad she can worry about ya’ll now. Must correct previous statement re: “Tickerbelle”. I have thought and thought, no hints from internet and think the name of the vehicle was “Nelliebelle”. Very apropos since G-anne’s grandmother was “Nellie” and her sister was “Belle” and two of their decedents are gonna be on the road.
    Have a great and happy ride and someone clue Mair in on what she must not miss packing.

  4. Looking forward to reading the updates and seeing the pics.

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