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AR – I – ZON – A….

Don’t I remember some song by the same name?  What a great day!  We were on the bikes and pulling out of Albuquerque by 7:30 this morning.  Skies were a little overcast and the temp was just under 70.  All of us in long sleeve shirts… some in jackets….   go ahead, eat your hearts out!!!  South on I-25 til we got to Socorro then west on US60.  So far I am very impressed with New Mexico roads.  Smooth riding!

I could swear I saw a sign as we left Socorro that read something like “Wild West Scenic Trail”.  Just a small sign and I vowed to stop and photograph the next one.  Did we ever see another one…  NO.  So maybe I didn’t see it after all.  Can’t even seem to find anything with my brief search on the net.  That doesn’t make the ride any less spectacular.  Rolling green hills, rocky plateaus and mountainous peaks.  Beautiful flowers (Mary knows the names but she’s already snoring)…  I think rebekia (sp) and indian paintbrush were a couple of them.  Seems like we could see for miles across the terrain.  And sure enough… “is that rain way over there”…  “maybe it’s a dust storm”.  You want to guess which statement was correct.  Right – it was rain.  We managed to pull over and get geared up in spite of the bitching and moaning!  Rain didn’t last very long but we decided to stay suited up just in case. 

This particular route was not heavily populated.  Traffic was pretty sparse.  Saw plenty of bikes so I knew it was a good choice.  Crossed into Arizona sometime around mid-day and stopped for the obligatory photos.  Somewhere along the way, after we crossed the state line, we picked up the Hashknife Pony Express Route.  I now know that this is the oldest officially sanctioned Pony Express in the world.  Every January since 1958 an elite group of horseback riders race over 200 miles from Holbrook, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ to deliver first class mail.  Sounds like fun!

We made our way to Cottonwood where we are bedding down for the night.  We managed to get “reverse” working again on the trike but we are still not connecting on the CB.  We’ll probably stop at the Harley shop in Belmont tomorrow or wait until we get to Vegas  and ask for some assistance. 

Today we rode over 430 miles.  Traveled in two states and through (at least) 3 different National Forests.  The countryside was beautiful.  Tomorrow we are headed to the Grand Canyon so I better get some sleep.  Later.


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  1. Hashknife Ranch was named for the peculiar brand, which resembled a hash knife, a common kitchen tool used to chop meat and vegetables.

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