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Guess if you’ve ever seen it, then you won’t ever forget it!  Well it has been YEARS (more than I will admit) since I have visited the Grand Canyon and I will admit that I needed to be reminded of the awesomeness of it all.

Yes, it was another great day.  We started our day early again and by the time we stopped to fuel the first time, we were putting on rain jackets.  Of course the rain only lasted long enough to allow us to suit up.  Oh well.  That seems to be the way it goes on this trip. 

Our first stop was the Little Colorado River Gorge.  This fantastic view of the deep narrow gorge that cradles the Little Colorado River was operated by the Navajo tribe.  We got lots of good pics and browsed through the native jewelry and pottery that was being offered for sale at the site.  Seems this stop kinda set the pace for the whole day.  Next stop was the park entrance… and Moran Point.  More good pics!  Lunch at the Tusayan General Store and out of the park.

Phil/Julie still having problems with their cb radio.  So we made a bee-line to Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson in Bellemont.  They got his plug and cord put back together but still not working right.  Will have to check in with the Vegas dealer tomorrow…   and Danny and I will have to stop talking about them whenever it gets fixed!

We made our way west on I40 then, at Seligman, picked up Historic Route 66 into Kingman (about 70 or 80 miles).  Don’t know about the rest of the group but Mary and I talked most of the way about travel along the Mother Road – back in the day!

After checking into the motel, we headed out to the (highly recommended) Kingman Co. Steakhouse.  We were not to be disappointed.  Service was excellent and steaks were oh-so-tender!  Ate too much and laughed even more.  Just right to finish off the day. 

It’s off to Vegas tomorrow.


One Response to “the BIG DITCH!!”

  1. Sounds like y’all were lots more interested in getting down the road and to the next Harley dealership than in taking in the awesomeness of the big ditch. I guess if you’ve seen it once, it doesn’t change much in a lifetime. Happy trails and don’t let the Vegas bed bugs bite.
    Hugs from Iowa!

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