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This is probably going to be the most uneventful day of the trip.  We left Kingwood early this morning and made our way to Las Vegas and the dealership to have Phil’s radio fixed.

Hoover Dam and the new canyon bridge was pretty impressive and all the road construction leading up to the project didn’t even delay us very much.  The big delay was at the Harley shop.  They did fix the problem though.  Seems his CB module was defective.  So now he and Julianne are back on line with the group.  Just gotta watch what I say now!   And really having to spend all that time at THE WORLD’S LARGEST HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEALERSHIP wasn’t all that bad either.  Even managed to find a thing or two to bring home…

From there we went to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.  Some of you may recognize the name and the picture of the outside from their tv show on the History Channel…  Pawn Stars.  I was so loooking forward to seeing Chumley but there was such a huge crowd that they were lined up on the sidewalk with cooling mister spraying lightly over folks.  Just didn’t look like it was worth the wait, plus I didn’t have anything to pawn so we decided to pass on that experience.

Headed on over to the motel and got checked in early.  Yes, it was a good afternoon to do laundry and work on room reservations for tomorrow night.  We are going to have dinner at the Golden Nugget downtown and try to catch the laser light show on Fremont.  Then hook it on out on the strip and watch the water show at the Bellagio.  By then, I’m sure it will be time for bed.  Mary spent the afternoon trying to recoup from the walking/hiking around the Canyon, et al.  Gotta get her up and running for the next leg of the trip. 

That’s all for today.  Oh yeah, I was reminded this morning that I didn’t tell you about all the wind we had to ride through yesterday. ‘ Bout wore us out!  Thank goodness today it had subsided.


One Response to “VIVA LAS VEGAS!!”

  1. Everyone needs one of those “slow down days” occasionally in the midst of rolling vacation so enjoy Vegas! Check your email for our slow day here!

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