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Traveling on 2 wheels with us old broads…


And that is so true.  You can bet my salt and pepper will never be the same again!

Las Vegas was fast becoming a memorable experience as the clock approached 8am.   This was supposed to be the 3rd hot-weather riding day and, again, it was oh-so-pleasant… even a bit on the cool side.

After leaving the motel we decided to run back by the pawn shop (and, no, Mindy, we weren’t trying to finance the trip!).  Even though the sign outside says “open 24 hours”, their doors don’t open until 9.  After hours it’s just a walk-up window.  Anyway, I smashed my nose against the door peering inside and you’ll never guess…  there was Rick and Chumley.  They were shooting an episode and I wasn’t able to get them to come outside so I had to settle with my picture taken with Ray, a 14 year employee.  Not quite the same but THANKS RAY.

The next several hours and miles was SOOOOOOOOOO boring.  Pretty much all desert and very, very few towns.  But it’s all a part of the ride!  We crossed into California about 12 or 1 and, almost immediately, the scenery changed.  We took a not-so-traveled road after we were a few miles inside the state.  This was such a spectacular ride.  I swear they didn’t excavate at all to build this road.  It just felt like they layed the asphalt right on the curve and roll of the land.  It was great and I haven’t told the others but we’re picking up more of the same road tomorrw as we head into Yosemite.

Supper was different tonight.  The restaurant, Jalepeno’s, came  highly recommended by the motel desk clerk.  Definately not much to look at and, once inside, was even less to look at.   Softdrinks were served to us in the can… not even with a glass of ice.  But the food was delicious.  I believe it was very authentic Mexican – not TexMex.  The portions were huge too.  Fresh cheese.  Cubed , not shredded,  beef and pork.  An enchilada sauce that was a deep reddish-brown.  Danny’s burrito was as big around as an oil can and almost twice as long.  We left there very satisfied.

Already back in the room getting rested and ready for tomorrow.  Yosemite, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf.  Can’t wait.



  1. Wow, you still have the way with words to make me feel like i was on the trip as well. Thanks Becky. My greatest vacation is going to stay at a room in Granbury this weekend but at least overlooks the lake and I can be with my precious, Kaitlyn. thanks for this great vacation trip that you are allowing me to be a part of. Please be careful!!!!!

  2. Glad to hear that the weather is not as bad as we thought it might be on your desert rides. Y’all are certainly covering some territory in a short time. Keep having fun and ride safely.

  3. I like the bottom picture here! I’d love to drive though something like this!

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