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Where do I start

Two days of blissful, beautiful, awesome, exciting and unpredictable riding.  Let’s start at Mammoth Lakes, CA.  We loaded up early in the crisp 38-42 degree morning air.  About an hour out we entered Yosemite National Park.  I said it earlier… words just won’t describe the experience.  Hard to put it some way that you would understand the sunny, winding, shady, rocky, tree-lined 60 mile stretch of CA120 that took us through the park.  You need to see it!

We stayed on CA120 for a few hours visiting the Harley shop in Jamestown and making our way across the San Francisco Bay into the mish-mash of traffic and road construction in San Francisco.  We saw waaaaay more of the city than we should have but did manage to find our way to Dub Perkins H-D.  This is supposed to be the oldest Harley dealership west of the Mississippi and was more like a museum than a dealership.  Enjoyed looking around and one of the guys turned us onto an Italian restaurant that one of their customers owned.  We decided to wait out the rush hour traffic with our evening meal.  The food was good but I think we were all anticipating the final leg of the ride.  The Golden Gate Bridge was a must-see and we had to get some decent photos.  Another struggle with the GPS. 

Then it was on up 101 to Petulama for the night.  It was really late before we made it to the motel so I missed Tiffany and Dixie.  Will have to make another trip, I guess!

This morning we were up and at ’em early again.  Temp was about 55-60.  Really nice.  North on 101.  Lots to see and do today.  The redwoods are HUGE!!!  Yes, we made it a point to find one of them that we could drive through.  How fun was that?!?

More redwoods…  Avenue of the Giants. Humboldt Redwoods SP, brief stop at the Harley shop in Eureka, Redwood NP, and somewhere between Eureka and Crescent City we got these pictures…

Tell me that’s not beautiful.  But that wasn’t the end of the day.  We took 199 out of Crescent City to our destination for the day, Rogue River, OR.  This road crossing the Oregon border was a sweeping, winding, turning bunch of curves through more and more redwoods.  We’ll be sorting through the pictures for months, I’m sure. 

Finally pulled into the motel in Rogue River ( I could have sworn I made the reservations for Grants Pass).  The motel is right on the river and Juliannne loves the “quaintness”.  Had supper at the BeeGee Diner.  You would never guess what kind of music they were playing?  Food was pretty good, nothing outstanding but our waitress was lots of fun.

There’s a funny story to be told about Phil dragging Julie around the gas station parking lot by her CB cord.  But I can’t even type it without laughing out loud and Mary’s already asleep.  Maybe another time.

Tomorrow we are headed out for more coastal riding and into Washington.  Hope the holiday traffic isn’t going to be too bad.  Later…..


2 Responses to “Where do I start”

  1. Love your blog. Feels like I’m right there on the back seat. Cannot imagine a BRIEF STOP AT THE HARLEY SHOP!! Hope Mar’s leg is holding out (as well as the new “hairpiece). Enjoying the pictures. I’d say you did good learning to include them in the blog. Miss ya but have loads of fun – for all of us back here still struggling in this heat!

    • Wow, Momma Melba is up early looking for you guys! Sounds like you have had a wonderful two days on the road with lots more to come. The pictures do a great job enhancing the blog, not that your writing needs enhancing!!
      We all look forward to traveling with you via the computer screen. Still mucking around in the extreme muddy mess from recent rains here. May never be able to walk in the yard again!! Heading for Colorado in 6 days so to heck with the Iowa mud.

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