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Rogue River

Phil and I spent some time talking with a really nice Canadian couple riding a Honda staying at the same motel as we were.   They gave us a few pointers about traveling north.  One of them was to avoid most of the Oregon coast due to the traffic.  So we adjusted our day’s plan to include several miles of I5 then west for a brief ride along the Oregon Coastal Highway.  Turns out the traffic wasn’t that bad at all and the riding was so beautiful that I wish we had made our way west sooner.

We were back on the coast around Pacific City and headed north for about 80-100 miles.  The riding has just been surreal around here.  I love Arkansas and I love Tennessee but I think the Pacific coast is my new “favorite place to ride”.  Too bad their riding season is so short!

We crossed into Washington via the bridge at Astoria.  This thing was almost 3 miles long and it was so windy.  Once into Washington, we traveled WA4  to Kelso.  That was no slouchy ride either.

I think we’re all bedded down for the night (except me).  I’m waiting for a load of clothes to dry and then I’m gone.  Tomorrow north into Washington and across the Sound via ferry.  Hope you are enjoying the ride!


3 Responses to “Rogue River”

  1. Oh, Wow, The Great River Road and those Iowa corn fields are rapidly losing their appeal as great places for a ride! Guess we will have to come to see you guys in Arkansas if we ever want to see you again, huh??! Sounds as if the ride and the scenery just keep getting better. Enjoy and ride safely.

  2. Up early this morning to get caught up on blog. Sounds wonderful, looks beautiful. You describe the views, the roads and even some of the food, but how’s the shopping going? And when do we get to hear about Julie/CB cord and Phil? Love ya’ll!

  3. I agree Becky, the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful…Words cannot express the majesty and beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains…We are going to go back up there sometime and see some more of it….enjoying your ride…

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