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Trying to make a little time early in the day so we have more time for the really neat sights!  So we left Kelso heading north on I-5 to somewhere around Olympia before we picked up 101 again.  The Olympic National Forest on our left and the “canal” on the right.  Still haven’t figured out the canal thing… must do some research.  This looked more like one of the great lakes – not a canal.

The weather was pretty cool when we left the motel but by the time we started making our way north on 101 it was beginning to rain.  Put off suiting up as long as we could… none of us enjoy this part of the trip.  And it rained on us almost all the way to the ferry.  At Port Townsend we caught the ferry to Whidbey Island and Coupeville.  Still having a hard time imagining all the farmland that we rode through on the island.  Guess I just have that “tropical” mentality when it comes to islands and picture nothing less than sandy beaches, tanned bodies and ice cold drinks of some sorts!  Today it was totally different.


Making our way from the island to Bellington, where we will stay the night.  Had to stop by the local Harley shop on the way.  The group has decided that this dealership (Mt. Baker H-D) was, by far, the nicesf, most out-going that we have encountered.

I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but we just haven’t had that special dining experience(s) that make our trip complete!  Tonight may have been the night.  Going on two seperate (but just as compelling) recommendations, we chose ANTHONY’S for dinner tonight.  …….  starting with a baked dungeness crab, shrimp and artichoke dip served with toasted sourdough points.  I think all 6 of us had something different.  Me, the wild alaska salmon cakes panko crusted and pan searred with cajun alioli and served over slaw with rice.  Mary had the fresh pacific swordfish chargrilled with tequila-orange glaze and finished with roasted corn salsa.  Julianne had the roasted garlic prawns butterflied, roasted with garlic butter, fresh lemon and sprinkled with gremolata.  I know, I had to “google” that one at the table.  Phil ordered the Willapa Bay oysters pan fried .  Nancy had the seafood fettuccine with ocean prawns, Oregon bay shrimp, Manila clams, mussels, scallops and vegetables tossed with garlic cream sauce.  And Danny had the fresh blackened rockfish rubbed with cajun spices, blackened and topped with pineapple-mango salsa.  To top it off Mary and I ordered a fresh Washington peach slump….  hand-picked, tree-ripened Washington peaches baked under a tender buttery biscuit crust, served warm with vanilla ice cream.  Everybody at the table got their own spoon and we shared it around the table a couple of times.  YEP!  This has been the most memorable meal yet on this trip.  And I know you like the entree descriptions… we can give credit where it’s due…  I left the restaurant with a copy of the menu.

Everybody gets a little more sleep tonight.  We aren’t meeting until 8 in the morning.  Gonna try to hit a Harley shop in Canada before we begin our southern trek.  Good night to all!


4 Responses to “Washington”

  1. Can definitely tell that this was the best meal of the trip! And I am very jealous, I love seafood and LJS can only do so much…

  2. No, Thank you maam on the seafood meals but glad y’all enjoyed all of the creepy, crawly stuff! We worked our tails off in the yard today and were thrilled just to make it inside and eat part of a left over boxed pizza! We head West in four days.

  3. Hi Becky — I am keeping up with you’ll everyday. You made me laugh telling about Phil and Julie and the CD cord. We have been riding all weekend. It was great weather here. Tell everyone I said hello. Be careful.

  4. Whidbey Island!! My old home. Rains every day there, but is always green. Have fun tell Mary hello!

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