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Do you get tired of hearing about how much fun we are having… just how much we are enjoying the trip?  If not, maybe I’m not doing my job well enough.

It was pretty chilly when we left Washington this morning.  Heading for Langley, BC and our Canadian Harley stop.  Of course we had to cross the border and get cleared through Canadian customs.  Had I not known better, I would have sworn Nancy was a fugitive of some sorts!  She’s been worried about crossing the border since we woke this morning.  Guess she answered all her questions right because they let her in. 

Even though we pulled out about an hour later than normal, we still made it to Barnes H-D about an hour before they opened.  Not a problem… we’ll wait. Everyone has their Canadian Harley souvenir and we are on the road again.

Taking Canadian 1 we were heading east of Vancouver.  Wish we could have had more time there looking around but I’m starting to get a bit nervous about getting us back on schedule.  Picked up 3 for, yet, another fantastic ride!  Winding our way through the Cascades and watching as the clouds kept  holding onto  the tops of the mountains.  The sun peeked through every now and then and warmed us.  Then it was cloudy and misty and cold!  At one point my thermometer read 39o.   BRRRRRRRRRRR!  Must admit the weather didn’t even diminish the ride.

We rode through nursery country with fields and fields of flowers, shrubs and trees.  Then there was fruit country with apples, pears, cherries and such.  But let’s don’t forget that we also rode the “WINE TRAIL”  When we weren’t driving over high mountain passes, we were riding by acres and acres of grapes and one winery after another.  Too bad I was behind the wheel.  Looks like this could have been fun if I had a designated driver!

We were able to smuggle Nancy back into the states and moved on to our day’s destination!  Tonight we are bedded down in Omak, WA.  Bet you never even heard of it.  Tomorrow it’s on to Butte.


One Response to “CANADA”

  1. Boy, today is one of those LOOOOONG rides if you’re heading to Butte. Bet it will be beautiful, as usual. Ride safely on your desent into the REAL world. Love ya!!

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