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holy icicles batman!!!

This morning I had to wipe the frost off Mary’s seat before we loaded up.  Thought I would take a few minutes and try and wipe off some of the road grime that has been accumulating as well.  Good idea (in theory) but I was using a wet rag and it was freezing as fast as I was wiping!  So when we pulled out of Butte, MT my gps said 28o and my phone said 29o!  IT WAS COLD!!!!

We were wearing as many layers as possible.  Who was it Charlie Brown or Linus that used to get so bundled up by his mom that he couldn’t move?  I think that’s the way we felt. But do you know that by the time we got off the bikes tonight the temp was over 85o!!! We shed clothes across 3 states!!!

Not much on our itinerary today… just covering some ground.  Leaving Montana, crossing through Idaho again, and into Utah.  I was going to try and connect with cousin Sandy in Boise but it turned out we didn’t cross Idaho that way.  That’s another one I’ll have to come back for!  I think we got some pictures as we passed through Ogden and Mom’s old stomping grounds.  That place sure has changed. 

We stopped for one state line pic (I missed Utah and will have to get that one as we leave the state on Thursday)and 2 Harley shops.  The trip is beginning to wind down and no one is happy about it.  

But we do have the next couple of days to look forward to.  We’ll be traveling through Capitol Reef NP, Dixie NF, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP and more!  Just got to remember it ain’t over til it’s over!!!


2 Responses to “holy icicles batman!!!”

  1. Sounds like you need to slow down and really enjoy all of the scenery in the NP’s and NF’s today. Unique and different but maybe the best is yet to come!! Enjoy the tour today. We are loading up today and heading out in the morning and not a moment too soon for us.

  2. Must have been a busy day! No info from ya’ll……DANG!!! Hope all is well and yesterday was grand.

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