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Great day, but……

Bryce Canyon is just gorgeous and I can’t think of a better way to start the day.  We entered the park and only stopped at a couple of the view points due to time constraints.  Still, it was a sight that few words can describe.  Maybe pictures will help.

Then it was off to Zion NP.  Started off chilly but things were already warming up!  More splendorific sights.  As it happened…  Zion was not going to happen.  13 miles off the highway and we ran into road construction.  We got to the park entrance and the ranger told us that there were several miles of torn up roads, one lane construction zones, etc.  After a group discussion, we decided to forgo Zion.  Back to the main highway and on to Lake Powell and Page, AZ.

Turns out the days ride was really good even though it was short.  Lake Powell is as beautiful as anything we’ve seen on the trip.  Red Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs and the ice cream at the 3 Bears in Kanub, UT was pretty good too!

Tomorrow is the last day on the bikes and no one is looking forward to it.  We’re headed back to Albuquerque to load up on the trailer and spend the night before we head back to Texarkana/Camden and reality.


One Response to “Great day, but……”

  1. Beautiful pics! I, too, am sad that it is nearing the end. (heavy sigh!) Biking vicariously through your trip has been so fun. Admire the guts and glutimus maximal strength that it takes to do what you all have done. You should be so proud of yourselves! Braggin’ rights, no doubt. Best trip ever! (yes I made up the glut. max. term – but everybody knows excatly what I’m talking about.)

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