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Windy!  Windy!  Windy!  But still a beautiful day!  Our first stop after leaving Salt Lake City/Midvale would be (of course) a Harley shop.  Timpanogos Harley-Davidson.  Probably was a good thing that they weren’t open yet.  From the outside, this looked like the neatest shop ever.  The exterieor was done in old tin, rusty iron and brick.  I still haven’t figured out if they re-purposed an old building or if they built it like this.  Regardless, it was pretty slick.  Even had a restaurant/drive-thru on premise.  Had we waited another 30 minutes for them to open would have probably put our day back at least 2 or 3 hours.  Good thing!

We exited the interstate at Provo heading south to canyons, parks and forests…  Manti-La Sal NF, Fishlake NF, then to hwy 24 to hwy 12 for one of the top-rated rides of the trip.  Capitol Reef NP, Grand Staircase, and Dixie NF… these are not to be missed.  We cut out this part of our trip last year but added it back this year.  Don, we were not disappointed.  Mountains, canyons, vistas.

We’re spending the night at the entrance to Bryce Canyon and that will be our first move in the morning.


2 Responses to “WHAT A WAY TO WIND DOWN…”

  1. Wow, as usual this is fantastic. I am so sorry that I missed keeping up on it on a daily basis. Dang hospital stays get in my way. Love ya and yawl be CAREFUL

  2. Just checked your pictures on facebook. Pretty neat! We are in Salina, Kansas for the evening heading for Pueblo, Co. tomorrow. We drove in mist and rain most of the day so kinda glad we are four wheeling and in the dry! Have fun in Bryce and other neat places!
    D and B

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