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Back home… ready for another roadtrip!!

We finished our 5,000 mile motorcycle trip on Friday evening in Albuquerque.  Loaded up the bikes and trailered back to Texarkana on Saturday.  It was an awesome, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful trip that I wouldn’t take a million bucks for.  Each trip we take just seems to get better and better.  Not sure we will be able to top this one though.  Saw so very much that it was kinda hard to absorb it all….  cranial overload or something!

I will share some of the highlights of the trip with you………

Best part of the ride….  had to be a toss-up between Yosemite, Pacific Coast Highway (especially the Oregon section) or Hwy 12 Utah through Grand Staircase-Escalante, Dixie NF and Escalante Canyons.  Each had their exciting qualities and were equally awesome. 

Most boring part of the trip…  was either side of Las Vegas.  Not much to see but lots of ground to cover.

Funniest moment…  I know I touched on this briefly and I’m not sure that I can do justice in print.  This was something you definitely had to witness to appreciate the humor.  Let me preface the story by saying that Julianne and Mary always seem to have cords/wires/devices hanging from their necks, heads, ears, whatever.  And it’s always been subject of jokes.  This time was no different.  We stopped for fuel (I can’t even remember where) and a pit stop.  Usually when we stop, our passengers dismount and head to cold drinks, restrooms, etc.  Previously, on this trip, Julianne had dismounted and made her way several feet away from the bike before her head was snapped back to the bike like a yoyo on a string by the CB cord attached to her helmet.  That was funny… I don’t care who you are!  But at this particular stop she promptly dismounted and was standing beside the bike waiting for Phil when he decided to head to another pump.  Thinking that she had already disconnected her cords, he took off… not knowing that he was dragging  Julie by the helmet behind him.  She was running as fast as she could to keep up as  he wheeled through the parking lot and I was able to signal him to STOP!  But it wasn’t soon enough to keep me from LMAO!!!  Damn short legs!! No harm.  No foul.  Just a very comical scenario!  See, I told you that you just had to be there!!!

Scariest moment(s)…  without a doubt had to be the San Francisco traffic.  Of course riding across the ridge on Hwy 12 was a bit breathtaking as well – – – –  especially since there were no guard rails on either side and nothing but canyon bottoms to be seen.  I think this was Nancy’s scariest for sure.

Best/Worst accommodations…  we didn’t have a Blue and White motel this trip but I think the EconoLodge we stayed at in Mammoth Lakes, CA was pretty close.   The rooms were HUGE but that was about the only thing it had going for it.  Or maybe it was the Best Western Executive Inn in Midvale, UT.  I failed to take a vote within the group but probably the best accommodations we had were at the Best Western Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel.  definitely the most expensive…  even after I negotiated with them!  The rooms were luxurious and very spacious, the complimentary breakfast bar had more choices and the dining room was very adequate.  Drawback (actually, this was for several of our overnight stays) had to be the busloads of tourists, mostly European.   We chose to stay in Best Western hotels for all but two nights. This was, primarily, because they offered rewards/points for H.O.G. members but also because they were reasonably priced and (pretty much) nice, clean rooms.  I don’t regret that choice at all.

Best food…  Of course, this had to be Anthony’s in Bellingham, WA.  I think we all had something different and each of us was very pleased with the meal.  Mary had a deep-fried green chile and cheese dog somewhere around Farmington, NM that she really liked but I don’t really qualify that as a meal.  All-in-all, the dining choices on this trip were a little disappointing but not enough to ruin the trip!

Harley Shops…  the most expensive had to be Barnes H-D in Langley, BC.  Most unique (and we didn’t even get to go inside) was Timpanogos H-D in Orem, UT.  Looked way too cool from the outside!  Best/friendliest staff was a toss-up between Redwood H-D in Eureka, CA or H-D of Salt Lake City.  Largest was Las Vegas H-D and oldest (west of the Mississippi) was Dudley Perkins H-D in San Francisco.  Total number of Harley shops that we stopped at….  13, I think. 

We covered a lot of ground these past two weeks….  we crossed 10 state lines,  the Canadian border, went through too many national parks and national forests to count.  I think we only crossed the Continental Divide 3 or 4 times this trip, the Hoover Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge,  the Great Salt Lake, the Astoria-Megler Bridge,  the Puget Sound, and the list goes on.  Like I said, sensory/cranial overload.

BUT, we made it back home in one piece (thank God that lady didn’t flatten Phil in Albuquerque), without any major equipment problems, and still talking to one another!  Til next trip…………………………………..


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  1. Now that’s the real blog! That’s what I’m talking about


    It reminded me of when Bob, the kids and Mom and Dad and I were going to Chicago in our new van and of course no smoking. Mom made REALLY hot party mix and bought fireballs so Bob would drink lots and stop lots for bathroom. He stopped once and we all stayed in, it was pouring rain, but Mom was outside the van with one foot on the running board, smoking as fast as she can and Bob jumped in a took off and there was Mom, hopping along and we were laughing too hard to even say anything. Finally, Pop was able to hand signal Bob as they were both in the front. Well Mom was drenched.

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