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more day 1

I couldn’t wait… I just had to tell you about supper. Well, my traveling buddies were just not very adventuresome at dinner. We dined at the River City Grille overlooking Marble Falls Lake and the Colorado River. Really neat restaurant. All 3 of my buddies had chicken fried steaks (boring – but safe!) but I had the tortilla crusted fish. A mild, fresh fish rolled in tortilla crumbs and fried, served on a bed of green chile queso and topped with pico de gallo. It was served with green chile rice which was like a cheesy rice with chopped green chiles in it. I enjoyed all of that with a Firehouse #4 (a pale ale) brewed in Blanco, TX.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we took a short after-dinner ride to Horseshoe Bay and the LBJ Yacht Club and Marina. No, we didn’t stop for drinks.

Now, we are back at the room and going to turn in early. Today worked so well that we’re going to try to pattern tomorrow the same way.

Y’all keep up now…. see you down the road!!


5 Responses to “more day 1”

  1. As usual, enjoy hearing about your trip.

  2. Hi Becky – Thanks for writing the blog. I like reading about all the fun things you”ll do. Tell everyone I said hello.

  3. Nobody can describe a meal like you, Becky. I swear I could taste it myself. YUM YUM!

  4. Large time!

  5. Hey Bec,
    Glad to hear about the fun you’re having. Good few days here for us as well. Guests headed home this morning after enjoying the area for several days despite the intense heat! See you guys back home. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Oh, I would have had CF Steak too!!!!!

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