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Well, did you all know that we were taking a short “tune-up” trip? This one should be less than 1500 miles in 5 days. Definately a manageable distance… and one that can be savored. Trying to plan the days so that we have time to tour a few Texas wineries, MORE than a few barbeque joints, and lots of great rides!

First of all, you should know that this trip should have been taken a month ago when the weather was cooler.  But since the four of us had other things going on, we had to postpone it a month. We decided to hit the road early to try and minimize our “heat” exposure.

Breakfast at Mom’s at 6:15, coffee in Phil’s lap by 6:30, cleaned up and on the road by 7:00. We had fueled the night before so it was straight to Hwy 59 south all the way to Marshall.  We picked up 43 in Marshall to Henderson where we caught 79 into Round Rock.  I never tire of riding through the piney woods of east Texas and this morning was no exception.  After a couple of fuel stops, one wrong turn and  a peanut butter cracker stop and we were at I35 in Round Rock.  Please note that there was no lunch stop!  This is when we discovered that the communication headsets weren’t working properly.  Still have not figured out the problem but Phil and Julie can’t hear us… but we can hear them.  You don’t realize how much you have grown to depend on those things until they aren’t working! 

After a brief separation in traffic, we took 1431 out of RR to Marble Falls (a wonderful preview of the rides coming in the next few days) where we will stay the night.  Another reason we left so early this morning was to make it to the Bluebonnet Cafe for “pie happy hour”.  Really!  So once we made it to Marble Falls, before we even found the motel… we headed for the pie!  All of us sampled a different flavor.  Phil – coconut, Julie – german chocolate, Mary – lemon meringue, and I had peanut butter.  I’m sure each of us would argue the merits of their own choice, but I know for a fact that the peanut butter was the best… HANDS DOWN!

From there we headed to the motel, out of the scorching heat, to chill for a few hours before we go to dinner.  Guess I’ll have to tell you about that one tomorrow.

Oh yeah, did you know that this weekend is the ROT (Republic of  Texas) motorcycle rally in Austin.  I made that discovery as I was trying  to book rooms for the next few days.  Although we won’t actually be in Austin, seems the Austinites like getting out of town when the rally is going on.  Can’t say as I blame them since I made the rally in 2004 and it was WILD!

Today was a wonderful day.  The riding was good, traffic was minimal and we got most (all but the last couple of hours) of our ride finished before the real heat set in.  I haven’t talked with the group, but the early departure worked so well today that I hope we do the same tomorrow.

Hope I’ve got some of  our regular followers with us.. I failed to get the word out but hope you have picked up and enjoy the ride!



  1. I wish I had joined you for breakfast. I would love to have seen Phil’s new way of having a cup of coffee. Was he just preparing himself for the heat?

  2. I would have picked peanut butter too!

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