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Packing our bags

I’m sure the rest of my traveling buddies are doing the same…  I’ve had my bag open and adding stuff for days now!  How many pair of socks?  Plenty of t-shirts?  Hot or cold weather gear?  Did I get the washing sheets?  Don’t forget the snacks!!! 

I’m scheduled to go to Texarkana tomorrow.  That’s where the journey will begin early Friday morning.  We will meet at Mom’s for breakfast and head out after that.  The weather may be a bit warm so I would like to be on the road before 7:30.  We have reservations in Tupelo, MS for Friday night and aside from the part of the Natchez Trace that we will travel, I expect US82 won’t be all that exciting.

We are keeping our eyes on the hurricane developing on the east coast.  It may make landfall but we are not scheduled to be on the coast until a week after that prediction.  Our trip is not so regimented that we can’t change directions if we have to.

Anyway, got to get back to packing, mowing the yard, setting up the water sprinkler, and anything else that needs to be done before we take off.  SOOOO looking forward to the trip and hope you guys enjoy it with us!

Almost forgot, we are going to try something new this trip.  Not sure how well it will work but make a note of this URL and check it out when you have the chance….


One Response to “Packing our bags”

  1. Raining cats and dogs at the lake this morning!! Good old fashioned thunderstorm blew me right in off the porch so we are glad you aren’t riding in this weather just yet. Wishing you safe travels and looking forward to the future posts.

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