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Day 1

Well, we’re off…  of course, no better way to start the trip than breakfast at Mom’s.  Excellent casserole  (thanks Julie), cinnamon rolls, cantelope, and pineapple.  We finished with no incidents (spilled coffee, etc) and were on the road by 7:30.

There begins the “comedy of errors” that made up our day.  Mary and I had lost our soft cooler off the bike before we got to Magnolia.  Still west of the Mississippi River and we had lost one of our cooling gadgets.  Next, Mary had a new pillow for this trip.  One of those little squishy ones filled with styrofoam beads.  The plan was to sit on it going down the road so she could see over my head.  At our first fuel stop in Crossett, AR, Danny reported seeing something that looked like a popcorn explosion.  Seems there was a breach in one of the seams (it was a blowout!) while we were going down the road.  The result was a brief, “poof” kinda thing with a small cloud of styrofoam beads mushrooming into the atmosphere!  It was destined for the trash until I remembered the travel sewing kit that Mary had packed….  she could repair once we stopped this evening.  NOT!  The next time I opened the trunk, it looked like a small snowstorm.  Yes, it’s in the trash now!

As we stopped for lunch in Indianola, MS, Phil and Julie hit some gravel pulling into our stop and went down.  Don’t worry, scraped elbow for Julie and a couple more scrapes on Phil’s “other sweetheart”.  Not trying to minimize the mishap but probably most of the damage was done to the ego. And it’s not like the same thing hasn’t happened to most all of us that ride!  Then there was Nancy, who dropped a water bottle and wedged it between the frame and the pipes.  Danny freaked out… but only briefly!  By this time we were all ready to start the day over again.

Temps were wonderful as we left Texarkana and didn’t really get hot until around 11 or 12.  Thank goodness we are all well equiped with water bottles, neck wraps, Misty Mates, hydration vests – you get the picture.  GoGoGadget at it’s finest!

Enough of that… let’s talk about food!  Lunch was fantastic.  We stopped the group at a favorite spot of ours… Pea Soup Lott’s DriveIn/Restaurant.  They have the absolute best fried shrimp.  He has a daily delivery from the coast – that’s how fresh they are.  And seasoned and breaded just right.  So Mary, Julie and myself  had the fried shrimp dinner, Nancy had a fried shrimp poboy, and the guys had chiliburgers.  Gotta say the chiliburgers are good too.  That’s the only two things we’ve ever eaten there.  Guess we’ll have to go back and try something different!

Back on the road to finish our US82 trek and onto the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Although we only traveled  about 60 or 70 miles on the Trace, it was such a relaxing, pleasant ride.  No commercial traffic.  50mph speed limit.  And shade, lots of shade… so it was at least 10 degrees cooler.  What a way to end our ride for the day.Right at 400 miles today.  Awesome. 

Now it’s time to tuck in at the Comfort Inn.  But not before supper.  Desk staff recommended Vanelli’s just down the street.  A local italian restaurant.  Pasta/pizza buffet plus menu items.  Too good.  I think everyone enjoyed what they ordered… chicken fettucine, spinach lasagna, grape leaves wrapped around cheese and meat, toasted ravioli, baked zita, macaroni and cheese… are you tasting it yet?  You should have because it was delicious.

I have got to get to bed!  Tomorrow will be another adventure and I just can’t wait!  See you then


2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. Hopefully you got all of the goof ups done the first day so you can enjoy the rest of the ride without incidents. Sounds like a fun day anyway!

  2. I am awake now and remembering my one and only “big bike trip” back in the day… brother-in-law, with my sis onboard, laid their bike down in gravel in a parking lot as we were turning around to leave. Nobody hurt, so dusted off his hurt pride, reloaded and off we went. Yep, happens to the best once in a while!!

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