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We know JACK!

Great day! We are settled for the night at Ft Ogelthorpe, GA with no internet… grrrrrr! Sorry but I just can’t make myself “one finger” this blog tonight, so I will have to continue tomorrow.  Stay tuned….

OK, I’m going to try and edit the post from yesterday since I didn’t have internet last night!  Almost didn’t have it tonight either, but that’s another story on a different day!

We were on the road early again Saturday from Tupelo.  Back on the Natchez Trace for another 70 or 80 miles.  Had only gone about 5 miles when a dozen more bikes pulled out ahead of us.  Then another 10 miles and one more fell in behind us.  I’m telling you…. IT WAS A CONVOY!!!  The weather was exquisite!  Temps in the low 70’s.  Out of Mississippi, through the corner of Alabama, and into Tennessee.  Our planned stop was the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  We all played tourist and took the walking tour, even Mary.  It was about a 1/2 mile and 110 stairs.  Walking didn’t get her but the stairs did.  She made it fine but has ended up with blisters on the bottoms of her big toes.  Go figure!  Aside from that, the tour was really neat, very informative and quite stinky.  Bettie (our tour guide who was old enough to have dated Jack himself) was very entertaining.  And as much as she wanted… she still couldn’t give us any samples.  Who would have known that the distillery was in a dry county! 

From there we went downtown Lynchburg for another walkabout.  Of course had to make a quick stop at the Harley shop on the square.  Then through the hardware store where they had all sorts of  JD cookbooks and furniture made from the aging barrels.  A quick stop at the visitors center that provided just enough shade to have a picnic snack lunch.  Then we were off again up TN55 until we could catch TN30 to US27 thru Chattanooga and into Georgia, where we stayed the night at Ft Ogelthorpe.  You may not hear it from my buddies but I’ll tell you right now that, so far, I have put us on some pretty awesome roads.

We rolled into Ft Ogelthorpe just as dark was falling.  Stopped by the motel only long enough to ask about a restaurant close by.  We dined at the Mexican restaurant 2 blocks from the motel — El something or La something.  Sorry to say that the meal there was pretty forgetful too.  It pulled out some of the wrinkles though.

Pretty boring day compared to Friday… as far as funny stories go.  Otherwise, it was making more memories for us.  Now I’ll move onto the next blog… gotta strike while I’ve got internet!


One Response to “We know JACK!”

  1. HUMMM??? Let’s see, no internet and eating bad Mexican food! What country are you traveling through, anyway? I know, the ride is the main thing and sounds as if that went well. Keep on rolling along. Hugs Y’all!!

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