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More catch-up

So, I have you caught up with Monday and Tuesday… let’s see about a couple more days.

Wednesday we were out early again.  Breakfast down the street at Underwood’s.  Blueberry smiley face waffles, crispy hash browns and hand made sausage patties.  Definately enough to sustain us for a few hours. 

Our destination this morning was the Biltmore Estate, even though we had to drag Danny kicking and screaming.  Now that is something pretty awesome.  Not Danny kicking and screaming but the Biltmore.   This place was huge and all the furniture of that period was unbelievable.  If you can imagine, this place was built prior to 1900 but still had electricity and running water.   A swimming pool in the basement, plus bowling lanes, changing rooms, a gym,  a billiards room, and the list goes on and on.  Over 4 acres under roof.  We only spent a few hours there but it was well worth the time and money.  We also visited the winery and had to taste a few (of course).  And there was also a display of tiffany glass there that Julie, Nancy and I toured.  That was pretty impressive too.

Not wanting to end our day too early, we decided to ride the Blueridge Parkway some more.  This is a ride that is somewhat similar to the Natchez Trace in that there is no commercial traffic allowed, the speed limit is 45mph, and there are no billboard or advertising signs.  With this tad bit of information, you should know to always have a full tank of gas before you enter the parkway.  Nobody ran out of gas but it could have happened if there hadn’t been a looooong downhill stretch!

Once back in Maggie Valley, we tried Nancy’s restaurant suggestion for supper, The Salty Dog.  Nothing to look at and the ceiling was covered in crayola art pieces.  Kind of interesting.  But the food was good.  Phil ate “regular” size shrimp with curly fries (“like you get at the fair”), I had pecan-crusted trout, Danny had a yummy looking ribeye,  Mary had the seafood combo, Julie had the fried shrimp and Nancy had something that I don’t remember.  But you can tell that we ate quite a sampling of their offerings and not one of us complained.  The shrimp was extremely fresh, the ribeye was thick and juicy (and priced really good) and my trout was delicious.  I think, given the opportunity, we would all go back.

We were supposed to stay in Maggie Valley three nights but decided to end our stay early.  We had gotten a call on Tuesday that our reservations in Nags Head, NC were being cancelled dueto Irene.  Seems they would have  do some repairs and wouldn’t be reopened in time.  So Thursday morning we packed up early and headed to the Riders Rest for breakfast.  This morning it was a one-woman operation.  She seated us, took our orders, cooked our meal and served us….  all 6 of our orders came out at the same time!  I was duly impressed!  Not that the food was extraordinarily good but because the service was!

After breakfast, we stopped at the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley.  This was quite an incredible private collection of antique motorcycles, cars, tools, shop equipment, customized motor driven objects, sidecars, clothes, etc.  We could have spent a couple days there and not seen it all.  As it was, we stayed for a few hours then we were on the road again.

Our breakfast “star” had recommended a route less traveled in the general direction we were heading.  Turned out it was quite enjoyable.  Through farm land and residential areas.  Just the kind of ride that we all like, seeing how other people live.  Curious how some of the homes had not been driven through or landed on based on their location to the curvy road!

We continued our riding by hitting another local favorite… DIAMONDBACK.  Not sure how many curves in how many miles (compared to the Dragon) but it was definately a challenge.  And I’m not absolutely certain that it wasn’t a tougher ride too.  Nonetheless, it was fun and we stopped in Little Switzerland for a brief rest and a little shopping afterward. 

We ended the day in Johnson City, Tn.  Now if you look at a map (like Phil did last night) you can see that it’s really not very far.  I think he was disappointed but I assure you, it was still a long day.

Our evening meal was at Cootie Brown’s just down the street from the motel.  Mary and I had a Caribbean pizza that was great.  It was made with olive oil base, grilled jerk chicken, artichokes, spinach, feta cheese, mushrooms and drizzled with a jerk sauce that was just spicy enough.   I think everybody enjoyed their meal but we were ready to hit the hay!

Tomorrow night should bring you totally up to speed.  Til then…………


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  1. Thanks for continuing to “catch us up”! Sounds like an adventurous and fun ride. Continue to enjoy. Bon remembers that we really enjoyed the driveway going into the Biltmore and their beautiful gardens.

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