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The most exciting thing in Johnson City, TN was Cootie Brown’s.  Been there, done that and we’re ready to take off.  After a half-decent complimentary breakfast at the motel, we’re on our way to Pikeville, KY.  Only reason was to visit another state and catch a Harley shop in Kentucky.  BUT, once there, we realized just how close we were to West Virginia and another Harley shop!  Off we go…  start in Tennessee, then to Kentucky, then to West Virginia.  Met a really nice guy at the Harley shop in Delbarton that really talked up a ride from Charleston to Lewisburg (US60).  He said it was just as curvy as the Dragon and much more scenic.  Not quite.  We tried to trim a little off the distance and took SH3 and SH94 at Madison.  Now those were a nice, shady choice.  Rolling hills, switchbacks and sweeping curves.  Just what we like!  Once on US60, traffic picked up and so did the temperature.  A very hot, boring ride until we got to the falls at Cedar Grove.  That’s what you’re looking at in the previous post.  Business picked up then.  Hawks Nest, Gauley Bridge, Gauley River and the New River Gorge.  More shaded  “S” curves and less traffic.  Such an unlikely spot for a Harley shop but, guess what, there one was!  Felt obliged to stop and cool off and rest a bit before the next leg!  Us19 to Beckley then on to Wytheville, VA for the night.  That’s 5 state lines in one day.  Awesome!

It was a long day with many unplanned turns and trips.  Approaching Wytheville, we ran into a little wet weather.  It had rained just a few minutes ahead of us and the road was wet.  Sometimes you can get as wet from the road as you can from the rain.  Didn’t last long though and the drop in temperature was welcomed.

It’s a good thing we had reservations… otherwise there was no room  in the inn.  We even had to take 2nd floor rooms.  Kinda rough on the two with achy knees.  A quick unload and we were off to dinner.  El Puerto (I think) was busy.  Our waiter, or one of them, spoke very little English but we managed to get our point across.  Food was pretty good, beer was extra cold and the margaritas were just right!  It’s ok, our motel is just around the corner.

Man we are up and at ’em awfully early this morning (Saturday).  Mary and I are already loaded up and headed down to breakfast before 8:00.  My promise today is to keep it a short one… try to be at our next motel before 5.  Mission accomplished!

We arrived in Roanoke Rapids, NC after a “soupy” morning then a scenic jaunt down US58 and some pretty countryside.  Must admit, though, that one stretch of 58 was definitely the land of yard sales!  Can’t even try to estimate how many we passed but you should know that I have never seen so many ever… especially in such a small area.  Don’t know if it was an annual Labor Day thing or if it’s a barometer of the local economy.  Rode around and across the John H. Kerr Reservoir and Lake Gaston and snuck into North Carolina on the back roads.

Anyway, we rolled into Roanoke Rapids by 3pm.  I had planned to get together with a couple of old friends from Texarkana that are now living in the area.  Hadn’t seen either one of them in several years.  By the time we had unloaded at the room they were within 10 minutes of us.  What a great visit.  Lindy and Teresa took Mary and I to wash clothes, chatting the whole time.  Hours later and we had finished our laundry, eaten dinner and had a really great time with my friends.  Oh yeah, dinner.  Tonight was the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant.  I thought it was a local thing but turned out they had about 12-15 other locations.  That’s ok.  Food was good… and plentiful!  Not sure if any one of us cleaned our plate tonight.  Back to the room and planning for tomorrow.  After tonight we don’t have reservations anywhere…  kinda flying by the seat of our pants from here on out.  That should be fun!


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  1. UH-OH!! May not be too much fun sleeping on the bikes the next few nights. Tsk! Tsk! No reservations on Labor Day Weekend! Good Luck y’all.

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